MP3: Dapayk Live at Deeper Moods, Los Angeles

Niklas Worgt, better known to the music world as German-born DJ Dapayk Solo, has dabbled in multiple musical styles over the course of his 15-year career, with drum & bass, breakbeat, and tech-house being the most notable. For this exclusive, hour-long, mix, Worgt gave us a live set from his November 9 show at the Deeper Moods party in Los Angeles, and since he’s been crafting minimal techno cuts of late, he took the opportunity to show off his abilities in that genre with this mix. It seems he’s also is bent on introducing us to the dark side of dance music, with cut after cut of foreboding bass and creepy-sounding vocals.

Dapayk Live at Deeper Moods, Los Angeles

01 Dapayk Solo “Scratch the Surface”
02 Marcus Kaes “Roboto (Dapayk Rmx)”
03 Dapayk Solo “Hagen”
04 Dapayk Solo “How Low”
05 Dapayk & Padberg “Sister”
06 Dapayk Solo “Right Here with Me”
07 Dapayk Solo “10 Minutes of Fame”
08 Dapayk Solo “A Saw Attacks”
09 Mimo & Schmahl “Sometimes (Dapayk Rmx)”
10 Sapayk Solo “Acid Pornofski”
11 Marek Bois “Memento Moments”