Xosar - 'The Calling' para Rush Hour

Xosar – ‘The Calling’ para Rush Hour


xosar-596x758La prolífica Sheela Rahman (Xosar) regresa a RH con un nuevo 12” que contiene 2 tracks: “cloaked in her usual thick-set rhythms, heady vocal hooks and far-sighted synthesizers”, apuntan desde la nota de prensa del sello. La ilustre compañera de “batallas” de Legowelt afirma además que: “I’m inspired by musicians who can capture a feeling they experience in a particular moment, and let that emotion play itself out in the form of a melody, beat or masterful harmonious composition”. Al parecer, los compuso cuando residía en Los Angeles: “I originally created these tracks while I was living in sunny L.A. I think the tracks are an accurate reflection of the fun, upbeat vibes I was immersed in while living there. When recording them, I hoped to transfer some of that happy, carefree desert dance energy onto the crowd”.

A finales de Abril en todas las tiendas especializadas.


A1. The Calling
B1. Rays of Babylon