Single: Space Dimension Controller - Welcome To Mikrosector-50.

Single: Space Dimension Controller – Welcome To Mikrosector-50.

Mr. 8040 o Space Dimension Controller como lo queráis llamar tiene preparado un nuevo álbum para el sello R&S. El álbum tiene el título de “Welcome To Mikrosector-50″. Este es una séquela donde podemos divagar sobre el sonido futurista, basado en las historias de ciencia ficción que ensalzan el nombre SDC, tejidos intergalácticos y de definición análoga envuelven la estructura de este discurso.

space-dimension-controller-welcome-to-mikrosector-50“2013. After four years stranded on Earth he has finally repaired the time travel capabilities of his Electropod. His goal was to return to the exact moment in the future of his fateful accident, but due to only having primitive Earth tools and technology at his disposal, the journeys destination was not as accurate as he had hoped and he ended up arriving 5 years later than anticipated. Now, Mikrosector-50 has changed. It is no longer the strictly governed dystopian planet as Mr. 8040 remembers, where music was controlled by the Tiraquon Security Council and love was deemed unnecessary. Instead people were having fun and love and music filled the streets. At first, Mr. 8040 enjoyed this change and received a huge planet-wide welcome party, but once the party was over Mr. 8040 knew that he had to find his secret lover from before the accident and try to continue what they once had in this new free planet.”

Son composiciones claramente infectadas de los primeros años de la revolución Detroitniana, energía Funk/Psicodélica y voces robóticas. Adentrándonos sin complicaciones a Mikrosector-50.