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Joris Voorn – official interview 2009

Ok lets start whis this year, what have you done this 2008 after a 2007 full of work, have you been djing all over, producing, taking a little of breath, all of them or what specifically were you searching or looking for? 
It’s been a busy year, like always. I also try to keep myself busy doing new projects all the time. And that’s next to my dj gigs schedule every week which also never stops.
In the second part of the year I’ve been working on a new mix CD project called Balance 14 which was a lot of work!

You previewed on the right time with one of the best RA podcast of all
time a new house light all over the scene, do you think house wave, helped
to evolve
and refresh the actual general sound, or is simply another electronic
music life loop historic circle ?

It’s all one thing these days. I’ve been playing house since I started dj’ing in 1996, I always started with it at the beginning of the night, to slowly build to a stronger sound. Nowadays I still play a lot of house, eventhough the style has changed a bit. After the minimal wave of 2005/2006 we all got a little bored of the dry and stripped down music, so funky house grooves slowly started to infect the music more and more, and today it seems to be the main sound. The problem is that the beats are funky now, but there’s not much music going on, no melodies or interesting structures, just beats……. So i’m curious what’s coming next!

What new producers can you say, have put a new standard on style this past

I think in 2008 the artists that were big for me were District One, Stimming and Hosh, Kreon, Matt Star, Minilogue, too many to mention..

How would you define yourself at the beginning and now, what attitudes
have you changued in your musical being, what differences can you name in
the Joris of the past and the actual one? and do u think thats reflected in
your music?

First of all I have a lot more experience in electronic music now than a few years ago, I heard and played a lot of different styles in tech-house music, and I’m a bit older now, and I thi nk you can hear that in my music and the way I play. I’m not into the hi-energy sound of 2004 anymore, I like things more groovy and deep these days, with here and there a peaktime track in my dj sets.

Lets talk a little about your new balance album, how long did you take
to produce this, and how the concept idea born?

The plan was to just make a dj mix CD, but I wasn’t happy with the first few testmixes I made, so I went back into the studio and started to go deeper into the edits, and the concept just developed itself. I did try to make two different mixes on both CD’s, one more groovy tech-house mix (mizuiro) and a deeper musically crossover mix (midori).

What MIZUIRO and MIDORI means?

They are both japanese colours, mizuiro is blue, and midori is green, named after my record label.

We can see a more extense deep feeling on the playlist, also we can note
more deep-funky sounds all around, do you think is the new 2009
inpirational way to go?

I hope so!
It’s boring and uninspiring to play easy digestable music all the time. On a cd there’s more freedom to experiment sometimes than on for a dancefloor full of people where you’re trying to keep everybody happy, but I do hope people will get into the music more, and listen to what’s going on between the beats.

Different to your last album from a deep place, where you put deep on your
own atmospheric and spatial corner, “deep sounds” have been in general more
darker than other styles, nowadays the funk melodies are cleaning the
denseness of the sound, leaving dark grooves more housy than ever, are
this kind of soundz enought strong for the dancefloor escene? or its just
an all-between stuff ?

Good question! and you’re right, see my answer of the second question. Post-minimal music sounds a lot more happy and groovy, but sometimes it’s all a little too easy and fluffy, without a real soul. It’s also difficult to make things sound different with these house grooves. There’s an interesting new berlin-techno wave going on at the moment though, where beats are stripped down and minimal, but still warm and groovy, I think that’s the way you should we looking for.

What are your most remembered gigs of 2008?

I did many gigs, but my performance at the Wire festival in Japan was a highlight as always. I also did a few very nice one in the UK in smaller clubs. Brazil was great too. No comlombia for me in 2008, but this year will make up for it!

Colombia is not still on the big head producer scene of the world, djs are
working so hard on it now, they will so happy ig tell the djs your best 2
secrets for acomplishing a good producer career.

Aha, the best thing I can tell you is try to be original in your sound, don’t follow the trends too much, don’t try to sound exactly like someone else, because like that you will never be recognised. It is important to be inspired by other artists though, I have been myself especially in the beginning, just try to use the inspiration to be inspiring yourself.

Thank you man,
See ya soona.

Thnk you too!!