RICK WADE: Exclusive Interview MedellinStyle.com

RICK WADE: Exclusive Interview MedellinStyle.comIs coming! This saturday a ¨delicatessen¨ in what real House Music is, will be broking our feets! Enjoy this interview while you know more abour RICK WADE!

1- Who did you get into music?
I’ve always been into music, even as a small child. I’ve always had a particular affinity for soulful, melodic style tracks like Isaac Hayes, Salsoul Orchestra and John Cameron. The melodies would take hold of me and transport me to another place, another reality.

2 How was your first electronic music contact?
My very first electronic music contact was Tony Brown of the Brown Brothers. He had a radio show and I did the mixshow for him. At the time he was with DJ International under the name T.B.C., but it wasn’t until I met Mike Huckaby and Dan Bell that I really started to get heavy into production.
3 How did you learn to mix and produce?
I learned how to mix by listening to the mixshows on Chicago’s WBMX. I had my stereo hooked into the mixer and would try to mix along with their mixshows. When I wasn’t doing that, I would practice every day for hours on end trying to get smooth blends. As far as production goes, it was just trial and error and lots of practice.
4 What instruments do you know to play?
I’m not formally trained in any sort of instruments or music production. I don’t even know how to read music notes. About the only thing I can do is play the piano by ear, but I’m not very good at it. LOL!
5 Your tracks sound sooo smooth what are the secrets of your masterization?
As far as mastering goes, I don’t do anything special. In the old days I would go straight to DAT or Minidisc .out of my Mackie board with no effects. Nowadays I go straight from my music program to WAV file.
6 House or techno?
7 Whats the music, why it is here? And whats your mission in it?
That’s a complex question and I could probably right a book about it, but I guess the simplest definition would be that music is a form of universal communication that allows people to experience and understand the feelings and emotions of it’s creators. As for my mission, I’d like to think that my tracks are a source of positivity for the world.
8 What about this lately deep house hype any words on it?
I have no real opinion about the recent hype about Deep House other than I think it’s a good thing that people are showing interest in real music for a change.
9 To end add a word in front of each concept:
Past: Lessons
Present: Actions
Future: Ideas
Love: Kindness
War: Mistake
Sex: Beautiful
Universe: Home
Groove: Necessary
Europe: History
USA: Opportunity
South America: Wonder
Medellin: Cartel
Good Music: Emotion