'Refugee chic' La moda cae bajo y el Internet reacciona

‘Refugee chic’ La moda cae bajo y el Internet reacciona

Que tan pasados pueden ser los pseudoartistas? ésta vez un fotógrafo realistamente vulgar. Hasta dónde irán a llegar las representaciones de los avatares de la impotencia? Opinen ustedes mismos. En la foto según dicen es para llamar la atención del público de los problemas actuales, y hace tangente diciéndo los diferentes ángulos, pero no deja de ser un producto prefabricado.

[The shooting is not intended to glamourize this clearly bad situation, but rather, as said above, to draw the attention to the problem and make people think about it. Artists around the world regularly attract the public’s attention to current problems through ‘shocking’ installations and pictures. This is another example of such art.

To people who said I am stupid, I can only say they should examine the problem from different angles, all the more that they do not live in Hungary, so they do not experience it first hand. It is very difficult to understand from the news coverage whether these people are indeed refugees or something else.”