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RA Poll: Top 5 remixes of 2007

Shackleton – Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix)
“Though advocated as dubstep’s infiltration into techno, this in fact is the opposite. Shackleton’s original was a conga driven track with a lightness of touch in the percussion that lent itself very well to after-hours party mix-ins, and that’s just what happened in 2006. Fruit ripe for Villalobos to pick, his treatment of it is testament not only to the genius of the original, but of his sensitivity to the emotion in Shackleton’s production, which he distills with great skill and care.Bringing the mournful vocals into the foreground in sharp relief against the modulating rhythm and haunting synth fog, Villalobos opens up vast spaces in the track, all of them vertically below, creating a sense of teetering on the edge of unfathomably deep chasms. Over eighteen plus minutes of undulating landscape, Villalobos creates sharp flashes of brilliance – peaks and troughs of tragedy that are creepily, brilliantly uplifting.” – Janet Leyton-Grant

Junior Boys – Like A Child (Carl Craig Remix)

“Like their British counterparts Hot Chip, the Boys have crossover appeal to both ravers and rockers alike. I’m always a sucker for quality vocals in my house music thus ‘Like a Child’ lends itself well to the remix treatment with Jeremy Greenspan’s sultry whisperings leading the charge. Carl Craig strips it all back to great effect, speeding things up for the dance floor and leaving only a continuous loop of the opening melody. While the original is a slow dreamy melodic number, Craig creates a building intensity, really stretching it out. After working you up for a good four minutes, the beat finally drops and you are left with a sense of satisfaction that Carl has come through again—all that’s left is to shake your ass and ride it on home.” – Angus Dawson

Faze Action – In The Trees (Carl Craig C2 Remix # 1)

The string-laden original of ‘In The Trees’ has remained something of a (reasonably widely available) cult classic, so the good folk behind decided to mark their tenth anniversary by making it the first in their ten-part re-release/remix series. All mildly interesting – until we heard they had roped in Carl Craig, and then we got quite excited. And then we put his C2 remix on and got even more excited, as it’s very good indeed. Beginning with dramatic stabbing synths, Craig slowly layers the key elements into an impressive, all-encompassing