Probe call as ravers take to street for illegal party in Glasgow

Probe call as ravers take to street for illegal party in Glasgow

Probe call as ravers take to street for illegal party in Glasgow
Hundreds of clubbers held a giant rave party in a city street over the weekend.

Midland Street became a dance floor in the early hours of Saturday morning when clubbers poured out of The Arches at 3am to be greeted by a Volkswagen Golf with speakers in the boot.

It pulled up and started blasting out music, blocking the street for one and a half hours.

The atmosphere was “frenetic”, according to one witness.

Despite the fact the city centre is busy with police on weekends, not a single officer saw the crowd or reported it.

Although the event was described as “good natured” and no complaints were made, a leading Glasgow MSP called for a police investigation.

Club promoter Chet Capkiner, 25, who organised the party, said: “We had a great time.

“We’re not anarchists or out to annoy people. We made a strategic decision to hold the event in a quiet place, where very few people live.

“We didn’t receive any complaints. If anyone had any beef with us, we would have stopped.”

The stunt was organised to promote the Co-Op club night at the Sub Club.

The promoter has already vowed to hold more raves, including one tonight.

“We want to bring clubbing back onto people’s doorsteps,” added Mr Capkiner.

Colin Brownbill, a musician and writer, attended the weekend event. He said: “Midland Street was thick with punters, all jumping about. There were people dancing on dumpsters, while others got carted about on wheelie bins.

“The police didn’t show up once.”

Not everyone agreed that the event was good fun.

Bill Aitken, Glasgow MSP and Conservative justice spokesman, called for a police investigation into the party.

He said: “This is simply not on. We cannot have traffic being dislocated in this manner.”

An Arches spokeswoman said the stunt had nothing to with them.

Strathclyde Police confirmed they received no complaints. They will not be investigating further.

Eddie Tobin, chairman of Glasgow Licensing Forum, said: “If you are blocking the pavement, obstructing the highway or breaching of the peace due to excessive volume, then the organisers are breaking the law.

“But if there is no complaint, then there is no offence. I would say this is a very novel idea, although I don’t think the police would find it acceptable.”

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council, said: “We were not aware of this and the council received no complaints. It would be a matter for the police.”