FREEDOM: Par Grindvik Exclusive Interview 2014

FREEDOM: Par Grindvik Exclusive Interview 2014

Par Grindvik is one of the most modern leyends of the TECHNO UNIVERSE, here we have a special conversation of intimate feelings, ideas and thinkings of the amazing persona and artista he is !!!!!! CANT WAIT TO SEE, HEAR, FEEL AND DANCE the closing of the MEDELLIN & BEYOND CLOSING in FREEDOM Festival ! GMID !


1 As your music career is the most near thing to timeless. What time you choose to work it when your mind needs to bring ideas to the present? the past or the future ?

that comment made my day :) thank you so much! i know that it might be stupid but the past is way more important to me music wise, i want to re-experience things that i remember, or how i remember them. but the mind play tricks on me and what comes out is a mixture of past and the present, and there is where i find the future. dreams from the past, technology from the present makes my future

2 Whats your mission in life?

be there for my family no matter what!

3 Can you tell us a little how Sweden got involved into techno music, we know a little, of how it developed in Germany, Spain, Uk and Holland for example, but not in Sweden. We know Alexi and Cari were break dancers and got involved first into Swedish alternative music from the 90´s before becoming Djs ? who was the first techno music artists you see/danced back in time ?

my introduction to the swedish “techno” scene came from labels like swemix, remixed records, BTB and ohm, frequent producer names on these labels was believe it or not sten hallström (stonebridge) and dag volle (denniz pop). swemix later on become chairon and turned totally commercial with britney spears and things like that. but these guys at that time, next to producers like emil hellman, dragonfly was early adopters of the house and techno movement in the rest of the world and brought it to sweden. Then came cari, robert leiner (the source experience), alexi and bunch of other guys, a label called loop records that was founded by vito ingrosso (sebastian ingrossos father). loop and it’s sister label plump house next to planet rhythm (wwe) was the springboard for so many of the techno artist that put sweden on the world map. jesper dahlback, adam beyer, alexi delano, cari lekebusch, joel mull, thomas chrome, fredrick almquist.

the above named artist and the labels loop, planet rhythm and cari’s hybrid was pretty much dominating the swedich techno scene in the middle of the 90’s.

i probably forgot some essential stuff but that’s how i remember things until 1996 :)
4 Who you think is the new generation of sweedish steel ? guide us with a few names we should follow !

simon haydo, peder mannerfelt, towlie, lemieux, mr. tophat & art alfie, petter b, jesse granqvist,

5 Is techno becoming more aesthetic like 1 decade ago, combining styles, textures, and forms of all genres in itself ? We feel that 2013 was the highest point of ¨techno commercial dirtyness¨ and the heal is becoming real again.

that’s a natural reaction to me, when things are getting to accessible people’s natural reaction is to break a way and pave new ways. but not to forget that most people discover the underground after getting tired of the overground :)

6 How desitions are important to you, when deciding whats better for your mind or your pocket ?

unfortunately it’s all about my mind :)

7 To end add the first word you think in front of each concept:
NOTHING: Everything
THINK: Complicates things
MAKE: Love
PRODUCE: Over do
MIX: In the moment
UNIVERSE: Forgotten
GOD: Individual
COLOMBIA: Happiness