FREEDOM: Alexi Delano Exclusive Interview 2014


1- You are the kind of artist that always evolve’ but your essence stays within the music, tell us what’s the strongest force that makes you to do it every day?

It’s hard to say. It’s something within me and it demands to come out, I just have to do its like breathing. It’s nice to hear that people can hear an essence of me in my music. To me that tells me that I am being true to myself because to me my music is an audio extension of me.

2- Let’s flashback a little: what you were doing before opening your record shop back in the days? why you thought it was a good idea to make that happened, and how it worked?

It was not my record shop. It was Glen Wilsons’s owner of Planet Rhythm Records a very popular Techno label from the 90’s. He thought it would be a good idea to have Cari Lekebusch and myself working there as we at the time were playing out a lot and had a finger on the pulse of the Stockholm electronic music scene. We helped to build it paint it, order and sell records. It was also a place where Cari had his Hybrid music studio and his label office so as you can imagine we pretty much lived in that store. A year or so later Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlback joined us and started working there too. It was a beautiful time. There had been a few record stores around in Stockholm before Planet Rhythm but that was the first serious Techno Records store that hit Stockholm.

3- What’s the hardest part of the ¨musical development?¨ the beginning, the rise, the hit or just ¨be outside of all that sh***! )

I think everyone of those stages are or can be hard.
In the beginning you struggle to get recognition then if you finally get it, it can be difficult to maintain it. If you are a “one hit wonder” and you have a bit of luck and charisma you can probably last in the game for a long time but if you don’t you will be thrown away and forgotten as fast as your “hit” made it to the top. Personally I’ve always been a bit on the outside it’s a place where you are in control of your music and your decisions. I never was the one looking to get high up in the chain to me that is to do it for the wrong reason. I started because I thought that I had something to add to the scene. I still think and feel that I have something to say and add without fallowing the stream.

4- Inspiration comes from everywhere, but your delicate and sweet taste when you play feels like you simply are touching us with so much soar and love. There are difficult crowds, cheesy ones, flat ones, but what makes you connect more with the people that are dancing to your music?

There is this one point that sometimes a performer reaches whilst performing let’s call it a “sweet spot” (which in studio-engineering/production language is the centered space between the speakers, the place were the sound sounds the best). When the artist suddenly feels ONE with the crowd, these moments are the ones that transcend the performance into a conversation with the crowd. Imagine then when you experience this with your own production, which is 80% of what I play, it’s complete synergy.
That really helps me connect with the people in depth. Unfortunately it usually happens in longer sets.

5- Being for more than 20 years in the industry makes you one of the only and unique veterans of underground music. When you see all the images and experiences you had, is this how you imagined it all, if you could change anything would you change it?

I never imagined it to go as far as it has. When I started Djing in a suburb of Stockholm I though that this ride would end there. I don’t have any regrets through the years I’ve noticed that everything tends to shape they way they are meant to. So even if I did have some regrets when I was younger I’ve noticed that those mistakes have brought me where I am now.

6- This will be your first time at THE FESTIVAL, are you ready !!???

YES!!! I can’t wait to go back to LoCombia. I’ve meet wonderful and genuine people there. I will never forget how well I was welcomed the first time I went to Colombia and Medellin.
I will always hold your Country very close to my heart.
I’m soooo ready!!!!

7- To end add a word in front of each concept:

CHILE: Forever
PAST: Experience
TIME TRAVEL: Stressful
LOVE: Always
GOD: Universe