FEATURE Cari Lekebusch: Wise words from the TECHNO SENSEI ! ( EXCLUSIVE )


1- Hello James Barth we are happy that finally we are going to share some TECHNO Music again, this time with much more time for your own mixing freedom! Whats the right amount of time you think a Dj should need to get at least ¨an atmosphere¨.

CARI: Saludos! Viendo hacia adelante =D I feel there is a big difference comparing big festival events and smaller club events. In clubs DJ’s get often more time to play out a more detailed music story. But i would say a minimum is 2 horas – so the ideal time frame is between 2-5 hours, if you ask me ;)

2- In Colombia we said Europeans are ¨cold people¨ compared to Latin americans, once upon a time Detroit people considered now a cold city, grown a mecca for Electronic Music inspiration. Their music has been always considered Black music, do you think there is a straight difference in warmness between black and white people ? how the Techno concepts were modelled from first electronic Detroit techno impressions that were more colorful into more industrial Uk, German and of course Sweedish industrialish landscapes structures !

CARI: I understand what you mean by cold. There are indeed unique cultural differences between the various people around the world. These are also expressed in music, and in the way music inspiration travels across the various cultures worldwide. We all have unique characteristics within ourselves, like Scandinavians are commonly known to be “cold”. Coming from a cold climate shapes individuals in a different way compared to south america in general. But things like that are only skin deep – of course all people are warm inside. Each culture, and even each individual musician, brings something to the global table of music. My view is that we should all share this table and learn/teach each other by playing, experimenting and having fun.

13- Sir Jeremy, We constantly said: Go until you can.
When you started you think you will get this far with your ideas ? whats the difference between staying loyal to your essence or modify your thinkings because society has changed !

CARI: I find the philosophy of “being like water” best suitable here. We are all pretty much 80% water, so even logic applies. Water can crash, or it can flow. It is shapeless and formless. As people we must change, through all our lives. Even all our cells in our bodies change and get exchanged. When your glass is full, it gets stale after some time, empty it and refill it with fresh water. That does not mean you should throw away everything else you have learned! Save the things that truly have helped you, and build you next level upon them =D And don’t follow trends, just because you think other people expect you to do that. Find yourself with the help of things in and around you and in society – ask yourself first before you look for answers elsewhere.

4- Which countries are the most electronic of the world? where electronic music is folklore! amazing scenes, very diverse, people understand and get into the music, nice Dj producers, nice clubs, nice festivals… for you what are the most special countries to play in their balanced atitudes and why ! for example did you saw this Dj boots in the parks of Amsterdam… in Colombia this forward thinking and acceptation of the government as a real culture will take sadly… ages.

CARI: Well foremost on the list are no doubt the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium. The governments in these countries have been supporting subcultural events for decades already. There are no other places to compare around the world sofa. Here you have the best of the best, but also the worst of the worst HAHA! I would like to mention here though, that the scene i sofar have experienced all around Colombia is very impressive. And can “hold it’s ground” with many scene’s across Europe.

5- What´s the importance of knowing yourself specially your body at the times of experimentation?

CARI: YES! YES! YES! Mui si siiiii! Many wise people have mentioned the sentence “know yourself”. It is likely important to ask yourself first before seeking answers somewhere else. In todays society we get mainly thought, already in school, that we should ask “outwards” – the teacher, the expert, the professor and so forth. And that is foremost putting our reality into the hands of a small group of people, that could not possible give us any truth in regards to our individual experiences from day to day.

6- Do you believe that each generation have different sensibility to the sound of their own time ? its archeology what makes your mind stronger and points you exactly where sounds come from, but that´s not everybody…

CARI: Absolutely! Each new generation brings the necessary ignition for change. It is more or less essential to study history no matter if it is music or history in other subjects that interest you. History teaches us not to make the same mistakes over and over again :) If you truly want to produce music styles like Techno or House you must at least travel back 20-30 years, to get a better overview. If you don’t know where you came from – how would you know where to go? And what the sense of direction is in the first place? =D I like giving answers that lead to more questions i am sorry =D

7- We had Cisco some days ago and got lots of inspiration from him, how you manage some special musical secrets and truths, at the same time you are desperate and want to tell them (make them feel) this/that to everybody… of course do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.. this for us in Colombia should be denied as our culture is suffering of lots of sins that we think music can set them free… and mega sharing should be a mega standard…

CARI: Awesome indeed! I have known Cisco for quite some time, and he is truly one of the grand wizards of this type of electronic music. But yes education is important here. You can not play the most advanced experiments to people just beginning to feel and experience things that can set them free in their mind in many ways. Taking things in steps is probably best suited for the general public. When i play a club in Berlin for example, the choice of mixing techniques and my choice of songs/tracks is much different compared to Amsterdam or even Medellin. I try to adapt to the general vibe of the party people, by trying to understand what makes them feel free, and what makes them full of energy. Obviously i only have Techno tracks in my record box, but sofa i have never been booked to the “wrong” party – where they perhaps expected Raggaton only LOL!


8- At the end we are organic matter. Do you think as (you) as human or (we) as humanity ? we are not individuals, we are a planet !

CARI: Aha, it is like what some people refer to as the “Gaia theory”. A living planet that we all are part of. I really like the thought of it actually, and when i do my daily choices, i also think about this and similar matters. Earth is our spaceship and our mother – that is another angle of all this. Treat earth like you would treat your own mother – that is with the utmost respect and love. So yes – i do feel that all life on this planet is related, and does it’s best when in harmony with each other and the planet we inhabit.

9- If an Alien came from OGLE-2013-BLG-0341L b and tells you you can modify the past without changing the present what would you exactly do = )

CARI: Great question =D I would tell this Entity that i am in no fair condition to make such large decisions, especially on my own – since i do not have the whole true historical picture in front of me. But i would like to help with what ever i can do :) But!! – if the present would not be affected, then what good would it do for the people and the planet of the past? And the same for all in the present as well! We are here to experience things and to learn – and thus improving our relations with everything around us and inside of us. So we can create a more balanced future for our offspring together :) Perhaps are even the most dreadful events in our history needed for us to understand fundamental things? So we can move towards something better? In that case true history is very essential. When it comes to changing things in my own personal past – i recon i would only change the things that i have learned where “wrong”. Every time i have hurt somebody else for example (or myself). Perhaps i could have said or done something else – for a better outcome?

10- To end add a word in front of each concept:

CARI: Like this?
Stimulus: Input & Output
Coherence: Optimal
Yourself: With in
Myself: With out
Standard: Multiples
Raise: Movement
Mainstream: Only dead fish follow the stream
Abstract: Language
Magic: Knowledge
Believe: Understanding
Aftermath: Premath