Artsvs / Podcast 066

Artsvs / Podcast 066

The Iranian producer, ArtSaves, is known for his unpredictable, ominous sound which ventures into the experimental territory. ArtSaves music career started in Tehran in 2012, where nightclubs are prohibited by law and his performances remained within the confines of undisclosed parties.

The producer recently released his latest EP ‘Bore’ under his own imprint Kopi / ک پ ی. ‘Bore’ compasses a melange of ambient and industrial techno ambiguously drawing inspiration from his Iranian heritage.

As an alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin 2018, ArtSaves was mentored by musical luminaries during his residency. Shifting between rhythmically dismal delicate beats to hardcore techno, he prefers to be indefinable but leaves the dance floor pulsating. ArtSaves is invested in amplifying the Tehran scene which is known for it’s highly experimental and haunting sounds. He currently resides between Vancouver and Tehran.

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