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Le preguntaron a Djs como Marcel Dettmann, Anthony Parasole, Audio Injection, Developer, Nina Kraviz ó hasta el mismísimo Juan Atkins , una simple pregunta: Qué es TECHNO ? ésto fué lo que respondieron:

“Rhythmic, hypnotic sounds rooted in our DNA.” – Drumcell

“Underground.” – Audio Injection

“No rules.” – Anthony Parasole

“The most powerful music.” – Developer

“Love.” – Marcel Dettmann

“Techno is a group of like-minded people communing through a love of uncompromising dance music.” – Jeff Derringer

“Future.” – Terrence Dixon

“Life.” – Nina Kraviz

“Attitude.” – Bjarki

“Animal.” – Clark

“Techno music is the evolution of musical evolution of technology.” – Juan Atkins

“Techno is the story of jazz as told by machines, written by the mechanics.” – FBK

Fuente: https://thump.vice.com/

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