Zoom-IN: ANJA SCHNEIDER (Berlin) - English Version

Zoom-IN: ANJA SCHNEIDER (Berlin) – English Version

Zoom-IN: ANJA SCHNEIDER (Berlin) - English VersionHere we have an ZOOM in our next party international guest, Mobilee boss Anja Schneider, she tell us something about her life, general feelings of the scene and spectations about Colombia !

1- What were you doing exactly 10 years ago ?

I was already in Berlin and working for Fritz radio station where I am still doing my radio show ‚Dance Under The Blue Moon’ every Saturday from 22:00pm – 0:00pm. Before that I was working there as a program manager and was responsible for events and electronic music. 

2- When did you started with the idea of a label, how did your born with the name Mobilee what it means ?

It was exactly 5 years ago. We are celebrating Hi Five mobilee! all around the world right now and I’m very happy to be coming to Medellin to celebrate with you.
The name is actually taken from a perpetual mobile – where everything is possible, in motion and hanging together on a big thing :))

Zoom-IN: ANJA SCHNEIDER (Berlin) - English Version3- You have been travelling all around the world in this tour, can you tell us some aparts about what cities and scenes have you felt that are more mindly open to enjoy the pure music with freedom as it is?

It’s not easy to name only a few, since everything has been great so far. Berlin is of course always special because it’s where we’re from and our party at Panoramabar was great.
Also our Hi Five! parties during the Sonar festival this year were amazing because we were able to be there with a big team of artists, which is of course a lot of fun.

Europe was great so far and the USA was just amazing with great people, nice cities and a lot of sight seeing! Watch out for our short teaser film in the mobilee newsletter at – and the full length video of the trip is coming soon.

Zoom-IN: ANJA SCHNEIDER (Berlin) - English VersionNow I’m completely excited about South America and especially Columbia because I have great memories and can’t wait to see the crowd over there. It’s always special!

4- What you remember about your party in Medellin? are you ready for a second round?

I’m abso-fucking-lutely record for s second round !!!

5- Whats your actual dj setup? and how will you define your sound in 3 words?

I play with cd’s. I want to give everyone a good time, to leave the crowd with a smile on their faces, and hopefully pains in their hips from dancing :) There are 3 sentiments rather than words ;)

Zoom-IN: ANJA SCHNEIDER (Berlin) - English Version6- To end add a word in front of each concept:
PAST: Organic, wouldn’t change a thing.
PRESENT: Enjoying every day of my life 
GROOVE: That’s the rhythm of my life
MAN: Be my friend
WOMAN: Beautiful
TECHNO: Berlin
HOUSE: That’s where it all comes from
TRANCE: Give Trance a chance
GOOD MUSIC: I dance, not good music I don’t dance