VCI (LIVE) / Podcast 069

VCI (LIVE) / Podcast 069

Influenced by the information age, his musical taste began to evolve through his own research and listening to various genres and artists, making his musical vision grow as he enjoyed the diversity of sounds that electronic music offers. .

VCI (Live) / Podcast 069

From 2009 he began to acquire his technique and hearing as a DJ, going through various transitions, learning and practices that have led him to mature his sound.

Over time he became interested in other facets and styles of music that go beyond the everyday, bordering on the unnatural and synthetic, always exploring new sounds with broken, harmonic and experimental rhythms.

At the end of 2012, with the idea of ​​innovating and shaping his sound ideas in a more original way and seeking to frame his own style, he began to structure a live set that until today has generated rave reviews from the scene.