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tINI: Secrets in the Mountains! Interview November 2013

Here we are, only 15 days for the second round of one of the most dedicated and delicate female artist in the world. Expect a smashing combination of deep rythms, tribal trances and a unique and a very special marathon set in a hell of a journey into the deep of the jungle. Discover los -secretos en las montañas- this November 30th in a secret villa only for 300 people, we will be recieving December like we do in Colombia. The Real Party is Here. MedellinStyle bring you closer to the artist. Connects you to the Culture.

1- Hello tINI in what are you thinking right now ?

I am thinking about the cold autumn days in Berlin right now and that I need a lot of ginger tea to stay fit untli i leave again!


2- What was the first electronic influenced track you got in love too ?

moodyman – america

3- What was the first records you bought and tell us where!

I started buying a lot of electronic vinyl records in munich. there was linu’s exun records store, it was for me the first record shop in town that i knew and you could get lost for hours there. also neutronic records was famous at that time. I spent a lot of time and money there. when I come back to munich now to visit family or friends I go to say hello and search for some records at optimal, great store.
and before that I also bought some hip hop vinyl or stole it from my brother´s record collection..

4- Why your brother had turntables? he was a Dj too? who pasted the funky hiphop moves you had at the begginnings ?

hip hop was just very popular during the 90ies. and my brother was a music lover. It was not that uncommon in the 90ies to have turntables…


6- Why you think there is an unbalance ( sometimes less, sometimes more ) between women and men in Djs and Crowds inside the electrónic music, in Colombia some have excuses like Its more easy to squeeze with girlz into reguetón than into techno.


being a DJ is a tough job – men might think they are better in tough things. and women often think they are better in soft skills – to make it easy and break it down to stereotypes.. but discussing gender inequality in the end is very complex. I think it slowly is getting better, women are getting more money and better positions, but it´s still mega unbalanced. you cant break cycles like this in fifty years, it needs a bit of a time to give job power also to the girls. and then the girls also get more confident and believe in their skills.


7- You love living the music! What do you think about the nowadays music industry contamination into bussiness and media and how The DJ have became the new Superstar.

there are still “typical” dance superstars, rockstars like lady gaga or rihanna. performers and singers. and I think djs are the new superstars because of the technical and musical development. with turntables and a mixer you can play music for thousands of people. techno is music where you just need one person, not a band or a singer, it also works with one dj. most djs also have great entertainer skills – it´s not that you just need good taste in music, most djs I know are really performers.

8- How would you describe your own definition of Tribal music ?

tribal house for me is very deep rhytmik, percussive house with a deep bass and dark melodies.


9- What was the part did you like most from Medellín ?

i love everything about it! cruising on a scooter in the little street hills, going shopping, eating crepes & waffles, walking through the mountains, eating salpicon, private after parties in villas, the weather and of course the people!
10- To end add a concept in front of each word:

GOOD MUSIC: touches me
I DANCE: I always dance when I dj
TECHNO: works best in berghain
HOUSE: works best in panorama bar
TRANCE: gigi d´agostino is one of my best friends´ favourite “singer”
MINIMAL: boring
START: It started with tessa
SPIRIT: is one of most important things in my life
LOVE: is the other most important thing in my life
BODY: is a reflector of our inner spirit
FUTURE: I want to continue
DESOLAT: will always be my homebase
END: thank you