System Revival next charity compilation ‘Zero Hunger’ release on March 4th

Para la tercera compilación de varios artistas, System Revival donará todos los fondos al Programa Mundial de Alimentos. Más información

Medellinstyle se complace en estrenar el tema de los productores españoles con sede en Berlín Juan Montero y Raúl Álvarez – adoptando un estilo minimalista con mucha energía y gran herramienta para DJs!


”We aim to identify the need to pursue a better future for ourselves (as people) and our environment (as our planet). Bringing people together through art & music is something extremely positive and helping the people in need is essential, to stay grounded and not take things for granted.”

Artists involved in this compilation are: Albert van Abbe, Aleja Sanchez, Blazej Malinowski, Charles Green, Einox, Hendrik van Boetzelaer, Kessell, Mary Yuzovskaya, Miller & Bosscher, Montero & Raul Alvarez, Tapefeed, Temudo, Voicedrone, VSK, and Zemög

Thanks to Glowcast (Conor Dalton) for the mastering.

Thanks to Alex ( for the design.

Thanks to Conor Dalton for the original painting used in the artwork.

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