Suiza, Rusia, Inglaterra, Francia, Alemania e Italia dicen que no pararán sus proyectos de energía nuclear.

Suiza, Rusia, Inglaterra, Francia, Alemania e Italia dicen que no pararán sus proyectos de energía nuclear.Después del desastre nuclear en Japòn, los demás paises que usan este tipo de energía encabezados por Rusia, dónde Putin ha dicho que en Japòn no hay ningùn riesgo inminente y que los niveles de Radioactividad son ¨normales¨ , todos han hecho declaraciones negando el corte o desuso de éste tipo de energías:

Switzerland: Produces about 40 percent of its energy needs from five reactors, and on Monday abruptly suspended plans to build and replace nuclear plants. The AP said Energy Minister Doris Leuthard ordered inspectors to analyze the cause of the accidents in Japan and draw up new or tougher safety standards, “particularly in terms of seismic safety and cooling.”

Germany: Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered immediate safety checks in the country’s 17 nuclear power plants, even as her government defends its controversial plan to extend the life of the plants. (The previous Social Democrat-led government had moved to shut them down by 2021.) In Stuttgart, tens of thousands of people protested Merkel’s nuclear plans this weekend.

France: French Environment Minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet said her nation will continue its heavy reliance on nuclear power, Bloomberg reports. “We can’t switch to renewables overnight,” she said in a radio interview, adding that “for the foreseeable future, we will need nuclear.”

United Kingdom: Reuters reports that Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has asked the country’s chief nuclear inspector to report on the implications of the Japanese crisis, but stresses that the UK is not in an earthquake zone and uses different reactors.

Italy: In earthquake-prone Italy, which has no nuclear power plants, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has called for eventually generating a quarter of the country’s electricity from nuclear. One leader of Berlusconi’s party says those plans will not change, Reuters reports.