Steve Angello´s declaration about his "Fireworks show"

Steve Angello´s declaration about his “Fireworks show”

Steve Angello´s declaration about his "Fireworks show"I just reviewed the clip everyone is talking about . so let me explain, when i do some festivals i have a team there that does all my pyro, fx and co2´s , + most of them have a synced “fireworks show” that is synced to the music so nothing goes wrong for the fireworks show since timing everything is extremely hard for them , so i have a medley mix i close with so they can have everything synced , most big festivals have that and its nothing new , as soon as your closing under a big finale you have that going on.. does that explain it ? i know some of you will still hate cause of the fact that hating is your game but i have now explained it and take it or leave it . i don’t have to prove myself that i´m able to mix i´ve done that my whole life and spend more time mixing then with my daughter so thats it . hope some of you understand , if you don’t sorry about that .. S A

[youtube qAdMc_e3MpU]