Soundcloud freezing MedellinStyle account for Copyright issues in 3 Live Sets from Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex and Len Faki.

descarga (1)Why they are complaining and frozen an account of free live sets found on the web, more than 2000 sounds uploaded in 700 days of work. Actually more than 20000 followers, we are not playing with illegal infringments, we just want to create a powerful musical platform (USING SOUNDCLOUD CAPABILITIES) , paying for the pro account, unifying lots of up-to-date and also beautiful old school live sets and mixes trying to make one of the biggets electronic music archives of the history? we are not making money of this shit. We are trying to convince them we are not making any other thing different to other users in soundcloud and internet in general.

Reposting sets of the internet. We have never ripped anything. This is absoluty ridiculous.

Some of the sets we are getting blocked are downloadable in many links in soundcloud.. sounds like something personal its going on. This sucks investing time and money making an online community in another online community….. WE HOPE WE CAN GET OUR ACCOUNT BACK.



Rights holders got in touch and asked for the takedowns of these uploads:

Maceo Plex – Boiler Room Ellum Takeover (London, England) – 07-03-2013 – I MedellinStyle .com
Richie Hawtin – Live @ UMF 2013 – 16-03-2013 – I MedellinStyle .com
Len Faki Live @ TimeWarp Mannheim – (06-04-2013) – I MedellinStyle .com

I’m really sorry, but we won’t be able to make an acception and we must suspend your account after the waiting period. I’m really sorry about the frustration, but if you do choose to open a new account, please be more conscious of copyright law in the future.

Thanks again for understanding,

SoundCloud Copyright Team