Sacan página para criticar a Beatport anonimamente…

Sacan página para criticar a Beatport anonimamente...BEATPORT SUCKS? You probably stumbled across this site wondering if sucks (or you already think it does). And if you are a lover of Beatport (and similar sites) you may not know that these sites have some huge complaints from the dance music community. Beatport itself has other complaints about it’s ugly hard-to-use interface. Critics have come down hard Beatport’s lack of usability standards being that it is completely built in Flash.

Other complaints on all stores (including iTunes, Juno, and just about any other you can name) are that the artists are not treated fairly — artist complaints have risen showing an overall distaste in the low royalty payouts seen from almost every download retailer controlling the market.

For instance, most dance music retailers sell 320kbit downloads for $1.50 (and up) per download, but the artists get less than 50 cents of that! This is a travesty and this is the place to post your opinion. Why did we choose Beatport as our target when all the shops are guilty? Well.. Beatport is the biggest retailer (controlling 80-90% of the dance music download market. And they are the prime example all the other shops are following. Speak your mind on this and let these companies know what you think!

Average prices (per 320 download):
$1.60 – Juno; artist/label share between 0.47 and 0.64 cents
$2.17 – TrackItDown; artist/label share 0.50 cents
$2.49 – Beatport (exclusive); artist/label share between 0.47 and 0.64 cents
(prices are as of 2010-05)


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