RICK WADE :: FreedomFestival ¨Take Off¨ Party

RICK WADE :: FreedomFestival ¨Take Off¨ Party presenta la fiesta HOUSE PREMIER del 2012.
Representa a una nueva generación dentro del mejor deep house y house con influencias directas de Detroit. Un verdadero lujo para nuestras mentes y oídos amantes de la Cultura Underground de HOUSE MUSIC!

Music unlocks the borders of my mind. Expanding beyond linear perception, music literally sets me free. No longer trapped by the constraints of conventional conformity (what?), music is a gift that allows me to truly experience life. Remember this; Music gives one the ability to combine universal communication with limitless expression.

Enough philosophical musings. I’ll get right to it. My name is Rick Wade, I make tracks, DJ and I also run two small underground dance music labels; Harmonie Park Records which specializes in Deep House and Bass Force Records which specializes in Booty / Ghetto-Tech (Bass Force is pretty much defunct at-the-moment). I guess my bio is a good place to start…

RICK WADE :: FreedomFestival ¨Take Off¨ Party
MY VERY UN-OFFICIAL BIO (Yes, I know it’s in the third person. ^_^)
One of Detroit’s best kept secrets, Rick Wade has been producing late night tracks and tapping into the essence of deepness since the ’90’s. Known for their universal appeal and appearing on over 20 different labels worldwide, soulful, timeless grooves are his signature. Growing up in Buchanan MI, 1 hour outside of Chicago he was influenced by Chicago radio station WBMX and the Salsoul material and local stations that played the likes of Al Green and Isaac Hayes. Rick remembers:”I’ve always been into the music first. I loved the way they (WBMX) would blend two songs together and make it sound like one. I didn’t even know what a DJ was back then. I just wanted to blend songs together…When I went to the record store those songs were only available on 12″ vinyl, then I needed turntables to play them and then I needed a mixer if I wanted to blend them… At parties I had the records and I had the turntables so I became the DJ almost by default.”

While attending the University of Michigan, Wade had the first house mix show on the college station WCBN called ‘Journey to the Land of House’. Other presenters were impressed with his material and mixing skills and soon asked him to prepare mixes for their own shows. Some time around 1991 Rick was working on a mix for Brendan Gillen’s ‘Crush Collision’ show and ran out of tracks that he wanted to include. Having always a love for and producing hip-hop Wade turned to his studio to create a track that would fit the mix perfectly and hasn’t looked back since. In 1993 Rick and Dan Bell started Harmonie Park to release house material and in 1995 Rick started another label Bass Force primarily as an outlet for the Booty / Bass material that he records under the ‘Big Daddy Rick’ moniker.

Today, Rick Wade enjoys a reputation as one of the premier House mixshow producers in the world and anyone who likes deep, funky vibes should definitely find a chance to see him play live. Every Rick Wade set is fresh and spontaneous. Drawing its energy directly from the unique vibe of each party, Rick exposes the deepness to the crowd, taking the vibe to an emotional peak where it merges with the body, mind, and spirit into a continuous musical orgasm that lasts long after his set is over.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++RICK RICK WADE DEEP HOUSE DISCOGRAPHY

# Late Night Basix Vol. 1 (12″) Harmonie Park 1994
# Funk-O-Sonic EP (12″) M3 1996
# Night Trackin’ (12″) Elevate (US) 1997
# The Angry Pimp EP (12″) Harmonie Park 1997
# Late Night Basix Vol. 2 (12″) Harmonie Park 1998
# The Vibe Chaser (12″) M3 1998
# Tracks From The Park Vol. 1 (12″) Track Mode 1998
# Deep Threats (12″) A Touch Of Class (Germany) 1999
# Diverse Dynamix (12″) Chord 44 1999
# Heat (12″) Out Of The Box 1999
# Quantum Express (12″) Moods & Grooves 1999
# The Harmonie Project (12″) Viva! 1999
# Perfect Pimp (12″) Harmonie Park 2001
# The Angry Pimp EP (12″) Funky Chocolate (France) 2002
# Big Foot (12″) Music Is (UK) 2003
# I Can’t Take It (12″) Funky Chocolate (France) 2003
# The Bumbaye EP (12″) Funky Chocolate (France) 2003
# The Latina EP (12″) Funky Chocolate (France) 2003
# Dark Ascension (2×12″ Album) Music Is (UK) 2004
# The Grimm World Of Tones (12″) Harmonie Park 2004
# Dark Skills (CD Album) Harmonie Park 2005
# Night Phases (12″) Moods & Grooves 2005
# The Best of Rick Wade Vol.1 (CD) Harmonie Park (Japan) 2007
# My Philosophy (Rick Wade Remix) (12″) WoW Records 2007
# Night of the Living Deep (12″) Yore (Germany) 2007
# Night Tactics (12″) Yore (Germany) 2007
# Vinyl Refresher (12″) Harmonie Park 2007
# Harmonie Park Revisited Vol.1 (12″) Harmonie Park Revisited 2007
# Harmonie Park Revisited Vol.2 (12″) Harmonie Park Revisited 2008
# Harmonie Park Revisited Vol.3 (12″) Harmonie Park Revisited 2008
# The Good, The Bad and The Deep (2x Vinyl & CD album) Yore 2008
# The Melancholy of Rick Wade (12″) Harmonie Park 2009

# French Sessions Vol. 01 – (CD) Player’s Theme Substance 1997
# French Sessions – The Collection. Volumes 1 – 3 (3xCD) Player’s Theme Distance 1998
# Juan Atkins: Wax Trax! Mastermix Volume 1 (CD) Prime Time Wax Trax! Records 1998
# Abstract Fusion (CD) 2:00 A.M. Detroit Track Mode 1999
# Juan Atkins – MasterMix No. 1 (CD) Prime Time Kickin Records 1999
# Juan Atkins: Wax Trax! Mastermix Volume 1 (2×12″) Prime Time Wax Trax! Records TVT Records 1999
# Music In The City (CD) Night Chaser Nippon Crown 1999
# Abstract Fusion 2 (2×12″) The Megamix Track Mode Music Is 2000
# Abstract Fusion 2 (CD) The Megamix Track Mode 2000
# Abstract Fusion 3 (2×12″) Chase Scene Track Mode Music Is 2001
# Abstract Fusion 3 (CD) Black Acid Track Mode 2001
# Addicted To House Vol. 2 (CD) I Can’t Take It Soulstar 2003
# Harley & Muscle Present Addicted to House 2 (CD) I Can’t Take It Soulstar 2003
# Beneath The Surface (2xCD) Forever Night, Thought Process Moods & Grooves 2004
# Savannah Ibiza – Beach Club Vol.2(2xCD) Shoe La Do Soulstar 2004
# Trax Sampler 077 (CD) Angry Pimp Trax Sampler 2004
# Underground Classics Vol. 1 (CD) Angry Pimp Discograph 2004
# Underground Classics Vol. 1 (2xLP) Angry Pimp Funky Chocolate 2004
# Underground Classics Vol. 1 (Promo) (CD) Angry Pimp Discograph 2004
# Harley & Muscle Play Deep House – Second Chapter (2xCD) I Feel Good, Night Track Soulstar 2005
# Panorama Bar 01 (CD) Night Station Ostgut Tontrager 2006
# Soul Heaven presents Kerri Chandler & Dennis Ferrer (3xCD) I Can’t Take It Soul Heaven Records 2006
# Harley & Muscle Play Deep House – Fifth Chapter (2xCD) Shamballa, Deep n Dirty, Rome Ext Soulstar 2008
# Dreams of Home (2xCD) Something for the Journey SIXONESIX 2008
# Trax Sampler 116 (CD) Only Love Trax Sampler 2008
# Harley & Muscle Play Deep House – Addicted to House 7 (2xCD) Focus, Harsh Thoughts Soulstar 2008

# Advanced Electro Vol. 1 (12″) Bass Force 1995
# Angry Electro (12″) Bass Force 1995
# Rowdy Electro EP (12″) Databass Records 1996
# Players Club Vol. 1 w/DJ Godfather (2×12″) Databass Records 1997
# Rough Electro (12″) Bass Force 1998
# The Lost Bass Chronicles Vol. 1 (digital) Bass Force 2007
# The Lost Bass Chronicles Vol. 2 (digital) Bass Force 2008
# Origins of Ghetto Tech (digital) Bass Force 2008