Profile: tINI // Desolat, Alemania

Profile: tINI // Desolat, Alemania

Profile: tINI // Desolat, AlemaniaIt’s been only a few years that tINI is playing in clubs, but she is already considered as one of Germany’s most wanted newcomers. Her involvement with rhythms and beats started at the age of 7 when tINI, who is originally from Munich, began playing drums, hich finally led her to first production attempts on her brother´s Atari.
tINI’s DJ adventures started with new romantics, later with grunge and underground hip hop up to rap. Firstly it was an experiment with hip hop and big beat, which brought her to first trials at the turntables. As her interest, knowledge and skills developed, her DJ style became more electronic when she stumbled upon Moodymann’s “Amerika”.

In summer 2003 tINI started playing frequently in clubs and events in and around Munich. 2004 she began touring through Europe, which led to her own nights and residencies -“tINI all night long”- at the Garden Club in Munich from 2005 until 2007.

As tINI and Loco Dice happened to meet several times, while performing at the same spots, her musical qualities were noticed and so she joined the Artist Alife and Desolat Family in 2008. This was a booster for her career as more and more clubs became aware of her talent. She took this chance and finally became a constant part of the worldwide Desolat Nights.

tINI, who is known for her curly hair and her powerful, vivid temper, knows intuitionally how to enchant the crowd whether during the warm-up or the main time. Deeply. Percussively. Impulsively.