n539471614_1285256_5977 TROY PIERCE Interview 2011

1- Hands up for indiana! Whats is the deepest memories of your chilhood that at the end of the day you still express throught your music, maybe can be a feeling, a moment or a place?
The first thing that comes to mind, and this wasn’t from my childhood but lets say early adulthood… freaking out (in a good way) on acid. I don’t really want to condone substance abuse but… the early days of doing acid in indiana/detroit had a lot to do with my musical sensibilities today.

2- What you wanted to be before being a musician, did u study any career first? what your parents said when u looked to their eyes and said that you were going to be a “deejay” ?
I went to school in New York to study photography and for a while tried to make that work but being a fashion photographer in New York is a tough. I guess it’s a similar cliche` as being a dj in Berlin. My parents were always supportive, I don’t think they really understood what it meant at the time… My mom does now, she has been to some Contakt shows and to Sonar. My dad on the other hand probably still doesn’t understand.

3- Also in earlier times you ended dancing to gold acid house in Chicago, what night, club, party or dj was the guilty cupid that got you in love of electronic music?
Probably Rich. I mostly went to his parties in Detroit and other places he would play around the midwest. Its weird looking back now how lucky I was to be in the right place at the right time, with the access to amazing music. I think I would have eventually found the sound, it’s a matter of taste but I had it there right in front of me every weekend.

4- In this context can you please remember for us some records of the time that you remember most and influenced your happy feelings ?
Sun Electric – Satori
Freddy Fresh – 5 mouths
Phuture – We are Phuture
Plastikman – ALL TRACKS
Wee Papa Girl Rappers – It’s Like That

5- Who are for you the nowadays most underated chicago artist(s) ?
I don’t really follow the music coming out of chicago anymore, not my style so I really have no clue who’s hot and who’s not.

6- We are consious of all this global tendence to “label” or “brand” the music, how this affect your ways to flow in a musician space and the feedback and interaction for the culture of the crowd, having in mind that your staff belongs to one of the biggest electronic industries of the world ?
sorry, i don’t really understand that one…

7- Whats the beautiful, the bad and the ugly of being a dj ?
The travel is really tough sometimes and it gets lonely. Hotel to hotel to hotel to hotel… ugh. But when everything goes right it’s totally worth it. Good sound and a good crowd that appreciates what you do totally makes up for the 24 hours of travel and sleep deprivation.

8- Your DJ sound from the begginning had been more housey and techno house than the rest of the gang, But what would you say to Marc when he said this 2 months ago: There is no more soul in minimal. Maybe it’s time to split off into groups. Boring white noise shuffle bass go in that room far far away!
I don’t really like to use the word “soul” to describe dance music. I agree with Marc that a lot of the music today has become formulaic and predictable. It’s incredible the amount of unimaginative music that gets put out. Dance music to me was always about elements that I had never heard before… there are so many possibilities and it seems like people are forgetting that.. or maybe everyone is ok making/listening to generic music.

9- Do you have any new projects as solo for the next months?
I am finishing a solo e.p. now which hopefully will be out in mid june. We are also doing another Louderbach e.p. which will be much more dancefloor oriented and should be out September-ish. I am also working with a video artist on a soundtrack for an instillation that should be ready by the middle of May.

10- Its the second time you get back to a MedellinStyle BLACKDANCE oficial party, this time with Kevin and Matt… what you remember from the first time you played in the BLACK NIGHT ???
I recall a real good crowd, fun party and Marco falling off the stage after falling off of a different stage a few weeks before.

11- To end put a word in front of each word:
South america:intense
Good Music:rare
Woman:(see love)
Richie Hawtin:pioneer