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Matthew Dear Exclusive Interview 2009 – BLACKDANCE TOXIC

Ok here it is, a spectral view of Matthew Dear thoughts, colors and feelings, know something about his beginnings, musical life and personal tastes, BLACKDANCE EXCLUSIVE ! Share it on Facebook !

1- What was the most difficult part of your beginning?
I was afraid of the drain in my bathtub as a child. I thought the devil was in it.

2- What human love means to you?
It’s indescribably dense. Absolute respect for another is part of it. Passion often gets in its way.

3- How do you separate your personal life of your music? what have been formula and balance of a good personal relationship?
Getting the balance right can be difficult, but you have to find it in places. I’m my most honest and comfortable when I’m creating music. It’s become the most sincere piece of my life.

4- Do you consider yourself as an electronic superstar?

5- Now lets talk about music! I know this is a very repeated question, but can you explain to your first time Colombia listeners what are the difference between Matthew Dear, False, Audion and your band?
That’s your job. I cannot put words to it.

6- Whats the difference between an artist and a dj, do u think exist a difference?
Today, it seems like a lot of people do both, so the definition has changed. I think it’s great because dance music is reflecting this inseparable connection between artist and DJ. Club songs are getting more dense and thoughtful. Production value has gotten more experimental and the over all production value has risen.

7- What was your first produced music of your own? what genre, and how was the experience?
I made all different kinds of music when I first started. I guess I still do. One day I would write songs on a guitar and run upstairs to show them to my parents. The next I was making weird electronic songs with words. I remember one of the first ones I was really proud of was called “Like New Tennis Shoes”. It was about the smell of new tennis shoes and good that was.

> 8- How do you know to recognize the feeling, that you need to do something
> else, to pass through, and build a new level out?

I can’t really describe that feeling. I can only do things the way I’ve been doing. I feel the urge to try new things because it keeps me engaged in the process. If I get bored with this, I’ll quit.

> 9- Still thinking as a visionary way, do you prefer to renew, rebuild or reinvent?
Reevaluate. I’m trying to take it all in, and expand upon a core musical pattern. Every time I turn on my machines, I’m trying to learn something new. Teach myself how to copy something I’ve heard before. In the process, I end up renewing, rebuilding and reinventing.

10- Why do you think there are actually less girls penetrated by electronic music world wide? they are lazy everywhere?
Women are smarter and more complex than men. Why would anyone in their right mind want to stare at a computer and machines all day long?

> 11- After listened to you as Audion, we felt a very big feeling of personalization. Your music was more, than just a normal back-and-forth connection with the crowd and the dj… was a very intense session where the space, time and persons where just one form. Each one felt the same atmosphere as a different soul, how the hell did you that ?
It’s magic.

12- Do you prefer simmetry or asymmetry?
I prefer the symmetry of two chaotic worlds.

13- But your music is definitely organic…
Yes, it is.

14- At the end what the heck was the word minimal for your career?
It revitalized interesting electronic music for me. I wouldn’t be here without it.

15- What have you heard about Medejean, Colombia, Southamerica? are you waiting us as another gig in a selvatic Latin-American country?
I’ve heard very good things. Ryan Elliott and Kevin McHugh both said it was fantastic. I’m always excited to play in a new place, and see the colors of the culture. I’m sure it will be an amazing party.

16- Thanks for being frank, and to end put a word in front of each concept:
Past: Steve Reich
Present: Animal Collective
Future: Free
Mission: Enjoy
Detroit: Decays
New York: Remains
Berlin: Growing
Trance: Melodic
Techno: Peak
House: Deep
Minimal: Terry Riley
Sex: Always
Groove: Deep
Life: Constant