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Mathew Jonson – Long way with Road ahead – Interview 2012

604035 10151230686339140 1675442350 n1 Hello Mat, so glad to have you back, can you tell us how you size your own musical standards, of course as we have talked your principle no.1 is the quality of the sounds, but what about the sound of Mathew Jonson itself, how you overpass your musical styles and try to redefine yourself and say: Ok this one is Done.

Each track is different as its important to know when to stop writing and go into the mixing stage. I find that if you start adding details of any kind to a specific part of a piece then their needs to be a balance throughout the track. Some tracks take 30 min to write and mix as they are spontaneous vs others may take days. It really depends on the style. If you want to sound like a band this takes a lot of time as each instrument needs to change and progress like a live player would. If your making minimal techno then there may only be one synth and a few drum machines that make up the song. You have to accept that it’s not about the time spent working but the quality of the piece no matter how complicated or minimal it may be.

2 How will you define the stages of a Dj/Artist? Do you think all Djs became artists with the time? whas ART in a Dj/Producer ?

Defining what is and is not art is a difficult thing for me. I suppose you are an artist when you have mastered what your doing and can put meaning into what you do rather than just mixing tracks or sounds without involving something either conceptual or emotional.

3 Whats your actual status in life? how to do feel after al this years of career can you describe the ¨learning tro fly¨ effect?

I’ve come a long way on this journey but the road ahead is exponentially further away.

4 What are you doing right now ?

I’m in the Frankfurt airport waiting to board my flight to Berlin. I played 2 shows in Bilbao last night. Tonight Ill be at Watergate Club.

5 What more Mathew Jonson do apart from its dancefloor / labels projects

I like just being at home with friends and family. Cooking etc. Pretty simple. I read a lot too and try and snowboard when I can in the winter and swim in the summer.


6 Whats the most experiment you did with music anytime ?

I have a lot of modular equipment so it’s always an experiment in my studio.

7 Do you rent your studio in Berlin, so other people can play with it ? :))))

I let the people I have projects with use it. The mole, hrdvsion, cobblestone jazz all have access.

8 Whats the largest set you have played ever?

The longest was at my friend Mathieu wedding in India. It lasted 8 hours. There have been a couple really big parties. Sonar Pub had about 12000 people. Future Music in Torino about 10000. Love Parade was over 30000.

9 Add a word in front of each concept:

MEDELLIN: friendly
CANADA: home
DRUGS: green
ALCOHOL: Tuscany
UNDERGROUND: best club in ibiza
MAINSTREAM: materialistic
MATTER: earth
SPACE: home
FORM: music
TEXTURE: kitty
COLOR: pink
TONE: sine
VOICE: love
GOOD MUSIC: explosion