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MATADOR, 5 questions! 2013


1 Who is the ¨Spanish¨ Killer? how you ended being called MATADOR!

I spent quite a few years while growing up travelling back and forth to Spain with my family, and was exposed to many cultures and traditions, including bull – fighting. It’s not something I favour, but the name fits the music and the sounds that I write.

2 We reeeeally love Ireland, where did you born, can you tell us something about your surroundings when you grow up ?

I was born in a small town near the border of Ireland. A place with lush, green fields, a homely atmosphere but cold, very cold, and always raining!

3 How did you got into Electronic Music ?

I started Djing at 16, moved to Dublin at 18, bought records, played records, wanted to make records! During this time, I trained as a chef and eventually went back and trained as a sound engineer.

4 When did you enter the Minus family ?

It was very much a case of right place, right time for me. I had been working on originals for about 4 years when I got a chance to warm up for Rich at a show in Dublin in 2011. We had a chat, he liked the material and the rest, as they say, is history!

5 You have been busy! did you imagine it was going to be like this 5 years ago ? whats the best, good and worst of your career ?

The last year has been an absolute whirlwind for me. I’d hoped that if I kept working at it, it would eventually pay off, but nothing can prepare you for it really. I spent so many years locked away in a studio, sacrificed time with family and friends, but I worked steadily and stayed focused. I enjoy playing in new places, meeting new people and feeling out the music scene there. I don’t get to spend as much time in my studio now as I would like, so I try to work on the road as I travel.

6- First time in Medellín ha? what can you tell the people to spect of your set and experience? how you could describe your sound and live set?

I’ve been working on some new material for my live set, so I’m excited to play the new tracks. I like to think my sound is a pretty organic one, which grows naturally from a single element like a bass line or riff, and evolves into a life of it’s own.