Macnius / Podcast 045

Macnius is the head in command of XPRSSNS MOVEMENT, a great curator and with an impeccable mixing technique, they make him the perfect combination when it comes to performing. In his more than 10-year career, from his time in clubs, bars and garage parties, among them he has had the pleasure of passing through the mythical Garden Underground Club and performing alongside international artists such as: POLAR INERTIA – LEWIS FAUTZI – ZADIG – ANTIGONE – REEKO – DEVELOPER – AMOTIK – SIGHA – SHXCXCHCXSH – PETER VAN HOESEN- HYPERACTIVE – LUIS FLORES – XHEI – RICARDO GARDUNO – FIXON – BRYAN SANHAJI – REBEKAH – ALEX BAU – DJ RUQUIN – SPEEDY J – FARQUIN – XPANSUL among others.

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