M_Nus presents EXPANSION & contraction release and album tour (via: http://365mag.com)

Whether you are a lover of minimal techno or not, you have to give the crew over at M_NUS full credit for their conceptual consistency over the years. Take their latest compilation EXPANSION contraction as an example. The album’s paradox is a clever metaphor for the label’s explorations between Sound and Silence, or as their press has it “The act of finding inspiration from a sonic molecule or the inaudible space around that is the nature of EXPANSION contraction.”

Consequently, the whole CD design reflects this paradox, with the interplay between black and white, and the CD cover literally expanding, given its embossing.

The album, in turn, features some more outspoken and some more introvert cuts. Perhaps the most surprising addition is a release from Ali Dubfire, previously known as one half of Deep Dish. No one could have fathomed him entering the realm of minimalism a couple of months back, but his Emissions track certainly proves his worth.

The rest of the track-listing reads more like a who is who of the m_nus crew, with Gaiser, Marc Houle, Heartthrob, Troy Pierce, JPLS and of course Richie Hawtin himself (as alter ego Plastikman).


The seven tracker is to be released in November, both as a CD and double 12′ vinyl pack. The release coincides with a new Expansion contraction tour, which sees the whole minus stallion cruise France, Spain, Japan, Austria, and Germany.

Track Listing:
2×12 Vinyl
xa1: Dubfire – Emissions
xb1: Marc Houle – Porch
xb2: Gaiser – Mute
ca1: Plastikman – Risk Assessment
cb1: JPLS – Isolate
cb2: Heartthrob – Roundabout

1. Plastikman – Risk Assessment
2. Heartthrob – Roundabout
3. Dubfire – Emissions
4. Gaiser – Mute
5. Troy Pierce – Oxytocin
6. Marc Houle – Porch
7. JPLS – Isolate

Beatport presents: EXPANSION I contraction tour
MINUS showcases at:
06.10. Noveau Casino, Paris/France: Richie Hawtin + Magda + Gaiser live
10.10. Fiestas del Pilar, Zaragossa/Spain: Richie Hawtin + Magda + Marc Houle live
11.10. Blau Club, Girona/Spain: Richie Hawtin + Magda + Marc Houle live
12.10. Industria Copera, Granada/Spain: Richie Hawtin + Magda + Marc Houle live
13.10. Lomja Placio de Congresos, Gijon/Spain: Richie Hawtin + Magda + Marc Houle live + Troy Pierce
19.10. Womb, Tokyo/Japan: Richie Hawtin, Gaiser live
25.10. Pressure, Linz/Austria: Richie Hawtin + Magda + Heartthrob live
27.10. Tribehouse, Neuss/Germany: Richie Hawtin + Magda
30.10. Distillery, Leipzig/Germany: Troy Pierce + Magda + Gaiser live
31.10. Worldleague, Munich/Germany: Richie Hawtin + Magda + Gaiser live
01.11. Loft, Ludwigshafen/Germany: Richie Hawtin + Magda + Gaiser live
03.11. Centrum, Erfurt/Germany: Richie Hawtin + Magda + Gaiser live