Levon Vincent libera en descarga gratuita su álbum debut: "Self-Titled"...

Levon Vincent libera en descarga gratuita su álbum debut: “Self-Titled”…


El tan esperado álbum debut del master Levon Vincent llegó a nuestras calderas gracias al mismo Levon, quien ha decidido liberarlo de manera gratuita vía We transfer. Puedes descargarlo desde este link:

Este larga duración, de verdad, es necesario obtenerlo en vinilo. “Álbum de álbumes” como diría Aybee. Vincent, lo publicó desde su fan page con la siguiente nota:

“Thanks to the people who gave me my start-my entire nyc family too numerous to mention individually but you know who you are and you know how I feel about you, especially Fred qu Joey Ed Anthony. ben Klock marcel dettman ND Tama Snax and every single other member of the berghain ostgut Ton world community, phonica and fabric, thanks to the uk for embracing me first. Thank you to Deutschland, Thomas Fern and Hazel, ASCD I wish you the best. Thank you eternally to Martin and rubadub. Thank you to the shops who sustained me while I worked in solitude, five elephant, new deli yoga, Charlie’s and anaveda, geipfelltrakne, the deconstruct yacht club, uzuri Aybee Lerato and Kerstin and Linus, all the partygoers of the world, and all the countries gracious enough to invite me- thank you the most. And special thank you to anyone I may have forgotten here- I’ll get you next time I promise. This is music for the ugly ducklings of the world. Music for swans. If you are you’re a member of the rat race, climbing around a dumpster with the other rats vying for power, you may of course listen, but know – this is not music for you. This is action against you.”

A1 The Beginning
A2 Phantom Power
B Junkies On Hermann Street
C Launch Ramp To The Sky
D1 For Mona, My Beloved Cat
D2 Her Light Goes Through Everything
E1 Black Arm W/Wolf
E2 Confetti
F Anti-Corporate Music
G Small Whole-Numbered Ratios
H Woman Is An Angel