Enciende el festivo con THE ADVENT y su reciente Mix en The White Hotel

Jesper Dahlbäck / Podcast 065

Jesper has music in his genes – his grandfather, father and uncle are all musicians as are most of his cousins – but it was the musical movements in Detroit, Berlin and London that inspired him to start producing techno, back in 1991 in his bedroom studio. Completely hooked, by 1993 he’d formed the Stockholm-based Globe Studios together with Peter Benisch and Adam Beyer following a chance meeting on the train to Love Parade.

Jesper now describes his sound as “ranging between the analogue sounds of the roland sh101 and the precision mathematics of my computer. I’m a researcher and developer of unheard sounds! Since the founding of Globe Studios, I have always been looking for new ways to bend the rules and test the unknown. When I DJ, I just play my own productions blending old classics with new unreleased demos.”

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