Interview: Matthew Hoag| English Version

Interview: Matthew Hoag| English Version
Talent – creativity – feeling – freedom , in this ocassion a great dj and other promise of the Electronic Music.

1- Hi Matthew, first off , tell us who you are musically ?
I’m a musical selector, searcher and medium between the music and the crowd on the dancefloor, i get inspired and at the same time influenced by a variety of styles, worldwide sounds and compositions. In electronic music I found myself very comfortable in warm melodic sounds with solid grooves.

2- What djs inspired you in the past and which at this moment?

I was always influenced by various people, it changes month by month, day by day. It’s not something that stay’s with me for a longer period of time…. at the moment, Paul Kalkbrenner is one of the most respectable artist from my point of view. But of course there are so many incredible artists in the world so it’s hard to name just few :)
Interview: Matthew Hoag| English Version

3- What do you think about the wave of “house” in all the world ? will maybe include more house music on your live sets?
Love, happiness and freedom stand as primary message in house music. House was always the most love orientated music in electronic filed, so i can just positively welcome this re-entry as a trend. Personally I play loads of house tunes as I can find myself very comfortable with this genre, it’s got everything that I’m looking for in music, nonaggressive structure, melody, harmony and a positive message.

4- For you who is the better thing and worst of the electronic music?
The best thing that electronic music evocates is people from all over the world uniting, people with different cultures and languages get together under “one roof”, it’s a universal language which we all speak and understand. The worst thing that evolves around electronic scene is probably the drug ABUSE. We should be conscious of what we are doing and what we are using, if we feel that we need to use it then let’s do it in a proper way, aware of the consequences that this might have on us and on the people around us as well.

5- “Music is more important than the beats “ says Guy Gerber , that you think about this?
Guy is an incredible artist, one of the phenomena of this era, he was able to combine his deep feeling for melodies with some nasty grooves:) i cannot agree more with him, 10/10 for this quote Guy:)

6- Tell us about your new track “Flor De verano”?
Flor De Verano is my ode to the sun, the kids and to what remained of the purity on Earth. Sea, Sand and hot weather are the moments that I wanted to communicate with this track :) Listen Now “Flor De Verano”

Interview: Matthew Hoag| English Version
7- So , what new projects have Matthew Hoag?
New booking agency, fun, music, music and music….check it out:)

8- What do you think about musical scene of Medellin city?
I was really impressed by the knowledge that I was able to experience thoose 2 times I was hosting in Medellin, the whole colombian experience was incredible for me, warm, full of nature, beautifull people, man and especially woman:) great food and amazing parties. I’m really hoping to be back soon and to spend some quality time in music with you guys.

Thanks for everything and here I share an exclusive DJ set for MedellinStyle

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