Interview: ELON (English)

Interview: ELON (English)

Interview: ELON (English)Elon is one of the new techno heads from New York’s Dumb Unit and Clink label family. Berlin-based and with a residency in NYC, Elon Will be coming for his 3rd time to medellin, to headline the opening of the new electronic church of Medellín: HOREB, this July 10th. He told us something about his musical roots, actual feelings and ideas about today’s music.

MedellinStyle: How long have you been into music, did u have your first contact in Israel ?

Elon: I have in music since I remember myself pretty my teenage period I used to have a band, played guitar, bass and sing.. I got my first teste of electronic music in israel after studying sound engneering I’ve been sent to work as a DJ, sound guy and lighting person at crown plaza hotel, working with entarntanment group. after my working hours , I used to play with the CD’s for fun and really got into it.. 6 months later, I moved to the state nd brought my first Turntables

MedellinStyle: Why did u felt in love with the electronic music, what do u find in this music, that none other kind of sound have?

Elon: The girls, joke ;) I remember the danny tengalia mix on global underground… I think that what really got me into electronic music.. I also felt that electronic music had the power to connect with people all over the world..

MedellinStyle: Do you feel that nowadays the people is getting connected more by the mediums than by the music itself ???

Elon: I loved the unlimited things you can do with electronic music, the cutting edge part of it. of course, parties, events is the main medium for connecting people. but of course common taste of people in music is what get them to get together and celebrate the love for it

MedellinStyle: But maybe now the artist is forgetting to comunicate real meanings into music, into his hurry of getting at least anything in a super saturated escene. and people is becaming more basic in the way they feel the sounds as they just cant eat all that information.
The people is getting a mental shock. Affecting how mainstream helps to flow the market.

Interview: ELON (English)Elon: Thats true. and its sad to see many artists going for the sound that sale and not for something they are inspired by.nowdays , its very confusing moment in day electronic movement.. the boundaries are almost brokem between genres in the electroinic music, electronic music this days are so available for everyone when its come to DJing and production, and is Something its just getting over-flowed by music from everyone that just got his first ableton…

MedellinStyle: Now that boundaries have no limits, now that technology is at everybodies hand, now that piracy distribute music to every corner of the world, what would be the best thing to make people fall inlove of music again.

Elon: I think everyone is already getting involve.. but we keep forgetting that the base of electronic music is in the underground.. otherwise, the music is not charming anymore.

MedellinStyle: Do you think the concept of underground can me more related today to the “old school feeling” than to the sound? As it is, As an essence

Elon: I think the old “school feel” of electronic music this days is cause people came to a period of a dead-end, since they cant break anymore boundaries, they are doing “come-back” but its more important to focus on cutting edge artists than a copy-cat.

MedellinStyle: Like what artists?

Elon: Wont name anyone here, but I dont blame anyone.. breaking boundaries in art in general is the toughest part of being an artist

MedellinStyle: Ok, Hows the life in berlin, was the change worth it ? what are the biggest and important diferences aside time and distance between american and european scene?

Elon: Berlin is different, life in berlin is great, the winter suck, tho… its nice to be in the city surrounded by many artists as myself, labels and parties around the clock.. the scene in europe and america are similiar … people everywhere in the world has the same common thing, love for electronic music. is the kind of city that gother everyone around the world with the same interest.

Interview: ELON (English)MedellinStyle: In what proyects are u into now? musical and events?

Elon: im working very close with Dumb unit and Clink family… beside that I have some releases coming up on Rrygular, metrolie, etc aside from that, I am very involved with Resolute, my residency. we’ve been doing events this month in Paris, Berlin, and of course NY… there is many other plans for showcases around the world. My main project right now is the resolute’s label, which Im putting together, its a tough project for me, since I am very picky person in my natural and finding the right music for the label is a pain.

MedellinStyle: Southamerica have the distance problem, and now with the economy we are suffering double or in some cases triple, compared to america and europe, this will make us sluggish as hell, what do you think of this ?

Elon: I think everyone is suffer this day, we had parties getting shot down in NY, heard many oher parties got busted all over US… If you believe in what you doing and love it, its all going to come back to you.. sometimes, you have to adjust and change a bit the formula for succeed.

MedellinStyle: How do u compose your dj set right now? and define your actual style in 3 words.

Elon: I lately enjoying playing on a third turntable with locked groove, looper, faderfox controller and traktor scratch.
“all over the place.” that 4 words ;)

MedellinStyle: And to end Add a word in front of each concept:
TECHNO owe me money
HOUSE sunlight
TRANCE kids on acid
GROOVE what make you move
LIFE is not a picnic
PAST a sec ago
PRESENT the almost-not exciting time

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