Interview 5 questions: ALEXI DELANO asked, CAMEA SAID - Last part.

Interview 5 questions: ALEXI DELANO asked, CAMEA SAID – Last part.

Interview 5 questions: ALEXI DELANO asked, CAMEA SAID - Last part.A: Does Camea mean anything?

C: No, actually, it doesn’t ! My parents made it up. Originally my dad thought I was going to be a boy, and so he wanted to name me Cam, but when I came out a girl they decided to make a variation on the name and made up Camea.

A: Who was your biggest inspiration in life growing up and do the things that he/she said or the way they inspired you, when you where younger, still affect you?

C: I think my biggest inspiration has been my father. He was very poor growing up and worked his way out of poverty to give us a better life. He always pushed me to believe that I could be successful if I was willing to work hard enough. Musically he was also my inspiration, as he introduced me to classical music at a very young age. I loved the drama in the sounds of Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin, and I think that is why I am so attracted to techno, because a good minimal techno set can take me on the same type of journey.

A: At what age did you realize that music was something that could actually affect or inspire people?

C: Ever since I can remember music has always effected me on a very deep level. I loved playing instruments growing up and I studied the piano very intensely. I have been performing music since I was about 8 years old. There has never been a question in my mind that music is one of the best ways to communicate, and I have always connected with it’s affect on people. When I DJ, I am feeling the music at the same time as the crowd, which feels amazing. Experiencing audio in this way is one of the most exciting things I have ever been a part of.

A: What defines your label Clink?

C: Clink is my ongoing art project, I work on it everyday and am so lucky to have such great artists like you (Alexi) involved. It is basically a platform for new, creative ideas involving audio and visual concepts, and has a lot of great artists contributing (also Tim Xavier, Tony Rohr, Ambivalent, Mark Henning, Elon, Insideout, Par Grindvik, Paco Osuna and more). We work on so many different kinds of projects and I can’t say one thing defines it, but it is the product of many people’s hard work, creative ideas and great talent.

A: I know you are Laptop Dj and I am a CD dj, If I want to get into playing with my laptop, what would you recommend or tell me to think about?

C: ha! Good question .. I have been telling you forever to start using Traktor! Traktor is such an amazing platform that can be used with CDs or Vinyl. I love it because I can use a midi controller to access many loop functions and effects, and it really helps me create the sound I want. I can also play up to four tracks at one time ! Beat that, CD man. (just kidding, you are an amazing DJ! )

A:We are both suckers for wine, what’s your favorite wine?

C: Hmmmmm …. if I don’t say Chilean, I could be in trouble here ………..

A: What is the concept of the He Said / She said tour?

C: This tour is a piece of a puzzle that we have been working on for awhile, and people will see more of it unveiled throughout the year. It started last January when we came up with a visual concept with our artist and you did some remixes on my EP, ‘Happy Ending’. We had so much fun and we decided to take it further by working on more music together (the next EP should be out this Spring). We have also put our graphics into motion, connecting the artwork with the music via the VJ, as well as a few other surprises planned for the show. Alexi, I am so excited for this event ….. see you in Colombia !

Yes I can’t wait!!!