FREEDOM: ROZZO rare interview to an unknown artist...

FREEDOM: ROZZO rare interview to an unknown artist…

We already visited all the unknown and misterious musical career of ROZZO aka One in a Million aka Beat Surfer aka Peter Dildo aka aka aka aka.. now lets get a little personal.


1. Where do you learn to make music ?2. What were the first machines you bought to produce music ?
Juno 106, TB 303, Ensoniq hardware sampler

3. What do you think of the Internet ?

Technology is great but normally abused excessively by mankind. If the internet is synonymous with facebook for most people then the tipping point has probably passed. Too much rubbish. Very hard to find content (but it exists!)

4. What is most important for you the people or yourself ?

Actually I am learning kind of the hard way to look after myself better, which is better for the people surrounding me too!

5. How you think music should be feel to get the most of it ?
Inspired without any ambition to be successful or popular.

6. What do you spect about our mountains, what have you heard about us ?
I ve heard it is a beautiful country with very friendly people. Never been more south than Mexico.

7. To end add a concept in front of each word:

GROOVE: is in the heart
TECHNO: pure and rough. punk.
HOUSE: heart and soul.
NATURE: always there for you.
WATER: life element. nourishing. I love the sea.
MOUNTAINS: there is hardly anything as nice as snowboarding in powder. it has its dangers though.
HUMANS: temporary phenomenon. take themselves too important.
ALIENS: the better humans?
PRESENT: all there is
FUTURE: unknown. let s get surprised
GOOD MUSIC: show me