FDM17 Exclusive Interview: Antonio de Angelis

Antonio is a mysterious Techno musician, that has started to being noticed in every corner of the scene thanks to his Top production, that in the last years has become a must played in every modern dancefloor of the world, and in his best shape we invite him to share some feelings, words and concepts with us before playing for us in Colombia Next Saturday March 18.

Hi Antonio, we are pleased to get in deep about your music in this first visit to Colombia, we have been thru your music, since recently but your sound is creating a lot of buzz worldwide, starting in 2010 to make records, what you think it’s your biggest difference from then to now.

Hi guys i m really happy to visit colombia for the first time will be a pleasure to me to be there at freedom festival 17 , about my music yes i start long time ago to make records there are not to much different in the way I produce ,I think after more years i create my style that is really important

What about the studio before and now, do you think from the producer side, its really important to have the right equipment or not at all ?

Yes is really important to have the right equipment also is important how to use them I think this is the keys also in music I think you have to be ispirate so all this component can make you work well

Can u tell us about your background, why did u decide to move to Uk ? This change helped you to develop and evolve your style ?

I’m moving to london long time ago when i was visit the city for the first time i really follow in love so i take the decision to live there also here I meet a lot of people and off course in different way everyone give me some things to grow up in my carrier

We feel the fusion of many styles in your music, the plasticity of London and the Italian groove, but your sets are a different story, somehow you like to have long trip and journeys into them, normally most of Techno Djs, also techhouse are playing banging music to make people high, but the patience u have is something really appreciated, how do u like to compose the curves? more than a train its like a roaller coaster

(Risas) yes in my set i like to take the people from the deepest and bring them to higher
so i don’t go straight to the point but we will get there for shore

That could be taken as the difficult way, normally in actual times, people dont care about getting there musically, at the contrary as fas t as possible, many good Djs, are taking this steps to get to the masses forgotting the art of the dj ?
I dont know about this all i can say is that everyone is different and everyone think in different way …


Thank you for sharing with Us Antonio, to end add a word in front of each concept:
UNIVERSE : Special
music : everything
money : important
sex : love
nature : explorare
soul : system
humans : interesting
animals : fantastic
aliens : dangerous
god : amazing
deep : morning
dance : inside
europe : brexit
south america: Top