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English news: Christian Smith Exclusive Interview THE COMING STORM!

1- When do you know each other and how started to work?

CS: We met at a rave in Washington DC in the early 90¹s.
We became friends and decided to work on some tracks. Next
thing we knew, we had releases on Primate, Rotation, and
Tronic. Now we still work together allot and our full
length album is coming out this week.

2- Whats your own favorite productions and why?

I really like ³Move² which cam out on Intec. It was the
first release on Intec and became a big hit. I liked this
track allot because it was very simple and hypnotice. I
still have people ask me to play this track today in my

3- How you get your own individual elements together, how’
s your process of creation?

It really depends if it is an
original track or a remix. Remixes are always easier
because you already have the main parts of the track.
Normally when I make an original track I start with some
kind of idea like a bassline or a sound sequence and then
build the track around it.

4- There are tracks that must be worked on your own each
studio? or all tracks are maked toguether? what part may be
done by Chris and what by John normally?

Most of the album was recorded in Barcelona and a few
tracks in Berlin. We both work together on everything and
sicuss everything while we do it. John is faster with the
sequencer than me so he is doing the computer work

5- How will you define dancefloor? and what elements
recreate the perfect atmosphere of a rockin df?

For me the most important aspect of having a good party are
the people. If you hve a good crowd then you can have an
amazing party even if the sound is just ok. Of course a
good crowd with an amazing soundsystem make a perfect
combination for a rocking party!

6- What Move! track was and is?

I was the first release on Carl Cox¹s Intec label, and is
now a classic

7- Whats happening with the live? and how much energy are u
giving to it?

We put allot of energy in out live shows and make sure its
not just some normal and boring laptop show. We are both on
stage both have microphones, vocoder, drumcomputer, 2
laptops etc. We also travel with our own vj who has made a
specific program for our live show. Because of all these
elements we keep our live show very exclusive and normally
only play at big festivals or clubs that we love.

8- Christian what do you remember about Colombia, we
remember your first visit to La Quinta Club outside
Medellin, what have you changued from there?

I have been lucky to play in Colombia many times. I have
played everything from small clubs in bogota to ultramar
and summer festival in cartagena. I really enjoy coming to
your country. You have good energy and are open minded. I
am actually planning to come very soon again. Hopefully I
will play in medellin as well on my next tour.

9- You are one of the few that still work with more purist
definitions of techno, finally old school feeling is dead?
remember that times when g-flame, deetron or misjah crew
rocked tha house? what would you do to recycle that amazing
moments back? is possible? or that was a golden past age?

I always look at the future but never forget the past. The
good thing about techno is that it always changes. 5 years
ago I loved tribal techno, but now that sound is dead. I
think its good that we all evolve and change all the time.
I still love some old tracks and sometimes I play some in
my set, but in general I like to play cutting edge new
music. I think this is one of the reasons why I am still
very popular dj golbally. I mix things up and I do not play

10- Top 5 records on your boxes now.

01. Par Grindvik Continue In My Words Spectral
Mr. Grindvik is on fire at the moment. This is a relentless
funky dancefloor weapon!

02. Christian Smith & John Selway Helicity – Sino
One of the main tracks of the album, it¹s musical and
delivers the goods.

03. Nihad Thule & Lasseman A1 Trusoul
No idea who this is, but it¹s some deep bass driven minimal
techno affair that makes the kids scream. Wicked!

04. Len Faki My Black Sheep (Radio Slave Remix)
Yet another remix from Radio Slave. He certainly is a remix
slave, but I¹m not complaining. Powerful, dark, and

05. Samuel L Session B1 Klapp Klapp 5
Great ep that fits into all of my sets. Chordy, housy,
powerful, and a pack of funk.

06. Christian Smith & John Selway Walk the Walk Sino
A little similar to our Silver Bullet track. Jacking house.

07. Adam Beyer Swedish Silver (Paco Osuna Remix)
Paco¹s best work since his release on Plus8 a few months
ago. Shuffled and groovy with lots of white noise.

08. Kevin Saunderson Bassline (Joris Voorn Remix)
Joris delivers a slamming remix that ranges from minimal to
melody. A winner!

09. Damon Wild – Avion Synewave
A classic from 1993 that still works every time. Back then
it was techno, now I guess you people would call it minimal

10. Guy J Save Me Bedrock
A beautifully executed track full of emotions. This is
really good!

11- Quality new faces on scene are each time harder to
find. What advice would you give to new producers?

Wok hard at what you love. Don¹t just do something because
its currently in fashion. Do what you love and spend lots
of time perfecting it.

12- Whats the secret to stay on top of underground? haha!

To keep on releasing successful records and to play good
sets as a dj and always stay on tour. This sounds very easy
but its allot of work. This year I have traveled over
200,000 miles which is about 10 times around the world.

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