Derrick May define al “minimal” como mala música.

Derrick May define al "minimal" como mala música.En una entrevista para la revista, el padrino de Belleville Derrick May hace alusión a su famosa frase: salvando al mundo de la mala música. Esto responde:

You’ve stated that your mission is to save the world from “bad music.” What is bad music?
You’re goddamn right! I’d define “bad music” as any kind of music that is soulless. It’s bad news when DJs attempt to go down the serious “genre” road. Or when DJs jump on the bandwagon of another DJ and it becomes a fad that screws up. Like Minimal. The music is not so bad but the joke is all the guys who got a career out of playing this music—it’s unbelievable. Every time it happens, clubs close and DJs don’t work anymore because all these “minimal” guys live in Berlin and work for very little money. So you have this whole scene that makes itself readily available to all these clubs who want to make money. But once the fad dies everyone loses because there’s no substance. Everyone moved to Berlin and made minimal thinking they could make money and it didn’t happen.

So would “manufactured” boy and girl bands like the Spice Girls fit your description of bad music?
Those bands serve the stupid. They serve the little kids. My daughter who’s six is into Justin Bieber. Those bands serve a purpose. As long as it makes money, this music will continue to be made.