Enciende el festivo con THE ADVENT y su reciente Mix en The White Hotel

David Herrero del Sello Stereo Productions acusado de plagio por la vocal Transition de UR

Aquí la declaración de Underground Resistance:

Enciende el festivo con THE ADVENT y su reciente Mix en The White Hotel

My friend Ross Carlos Nilmmns is the one who brought this to my attention and as I was ill, he made the initial request to have it taken down (at my request).

While one of the label guys, “Poco” Oliveira, replied, a lot of it was the standard, “we didn’t know, we will remove it, but this takes time” bullshit that some labels tend to reply with when they know they’ve done wrong. But here’s the thing.

Chus & Ceballos have done this before. For a mix on Toolroom a few years back they used another bootleg claiming they didn’t know it was a bootleg even though it was titled “Transitions (Bootleg Remix).” So for whatever reasons these guys have a love for bootleg versions of Transition and not paying the original creators.

Would we say “no” to the release and forgo the money? Very possibly. But that doesn’t matter. You don’t take other people’s work and release it as your own and you seek out bootlegs to sell in your mixes.

As I’ve stated online, DJs make unofficial versions of tracks and post them on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, whatever. They program them in their sets and make unique and special versions. Black Dog once did a mix that was all their remixed versions of UR tracks. But there’s a HUGE jump from that to this. And Chus & Ceballos and every label they release with knows this.