Beatport y los discos del año

La todopoderosa tienda de musica online desde ahora hace la lista de los mejores discos del 2008 que han pasado por su tienda…

Kenny Larkin “Keys, strings, tambourines” (Planet E)

Sascha Fí¼nke “Mango” (Bpitch Control)

Flying Lotus “Los Angeles” (Warp)

Dave Aju “Open Wide” (Circus Company)

Move D & Benjamin Brunn “”Songs from the Beehive” (Smallville)

Minilogue “Animals” (Cocoon)

Lindstrom “Where you go I go too” (Feedelity)

Heartthrob “Dear painter paint me” (M_nus)

Morgan Geist “Double night me” (Environ)

Shed “Shedding the past” (Ostgut Ton)

Prosumer & Murat “Serenity” (Ostugt Ton)


Loco Dice “7Dunham Place” (Desolat)

Extrawelt “Schone neue Extrawelt” (Cocoon)

Autechre “Quaristice” (Warp)

The Mole “As high as the sky” (Wagon Repair)

Quiet Village “Silent movie” (K7)

Dinky “May be later” (Vakant)

Lee Jones “Electronic Frank” (Aus Music)

Deadbeat “Roots and wire” (Wagon Repair)

Byetone “Death of a typographer” (raster-noton)

Benga “Diary of an afro warrior” (Tempa)

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