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Beatport sales cuts scalate even more due to USA taxes

vince_watson_2from vince watsons page :

Just seen this posted….ooops! And so it begins….

“DEAR LABEL OWNERS AND ARTIST; I just receieved an email from Beatport that says; All sales you did in America, Beatport will cut %30 extra for US taxes since Quarter 2. Which means if you don’t have a proper US Taxes ID (which most of europeans doesn’t) then, you won’t receive those money from your sales. Let’s make the math;

Beatport sales cut : %40
PROs cut : %12
US Taxes cut : %30
Total cut by beatport : %82 of your USA sales
So if you make 1000 USD sales only in USA, then you will receive just 180 dollar.

If you are paying extra, like I am already payin 18% tax here so label will receive “0” from United States sales which our costumers are mostly from USA. If you are using distributors to send your EPs to beatport, they will cut extra %20 from your net sales.

When I registered my label to Beatport it was only %40 share in 2008. And my label made over 36.000 USD per year via sales until 2012. Now beatport don’t even pay if you cannot make over 500 USD net label share. As a minimal techno label, I cannot deal with EDM on Itunes or other stores to sell good tracks. There was only beatport who supported Minimal 2 years ago.

Looks like it’s time to find another job and all those music shit will become nothing but a HOBBY!

Please share this info to let your producer/dj friends know what is going on…

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