AUTOBRENNT & Red Dot Relief

AUTOBRENNT & Red Dot Relief

AUTOBRENNT & Red Dot Relief


“The current situation of the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear plants is in a way the most severe crisis in the 65 years since World War II,” recently announced Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan.

Japan is suffering. The grave disaster that hit the country on March 11 is frightening, shocking and distressing. The tragedy has left Japan’s residents – and the global community at large – agape as the country struggles desperately to pick itself up. As nuclear threats and death tolls rise, so does the increasing population of people forced into homelessness seeking food, water and shelter. While uncertainty lingers ahead, the international community’s collective call to action has been incredibly inspiring, providing a spark of hope amidst this dark time.

Of the many aid organizations we would like to turn your attention to Red Dot Relief, the fundraiser campaign founded by Visionquest’s Seth Troxler & Friends, alongside Crosstown Rebels and Tuning Spork Efforts Team. The initiative is a call to action across the dance music community to unite and help Japan through awareness and donation. The campaign group has also teamed up with Peace Boat, Japan’s pro-peace and human rights non-profit.

AUTOBRENNT wholly supports Red Dot Relief. Not only do we believe that the Japan disaster demands global unity and solidarity, but it is a tragedy that hits a deep and personal nerve as well – AUTOBRENNT founder, Sigfrid Brobrek is an earthquake survivor from the Coffee Axis crisis that ravaged Columbia’s Quindio department in 1999. The earthquake, documented as having a 6.2 magnitude destroyed his city in front of his own eyes, leaving homes and families torn apart and thousands dead. His grandfather was one of the unfortunate victims. And today, with a friend missing in Japan, Brobrek empathizes greatly with the hopelessness, fear and unbearable pain of loss endured by all those affected by this catastrophe.

On behalf of AUTOBRENNT, we commend the Red Dot Relief team for their efforts and encourage you to participate in this good cause.

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