Art Department robados

Art Department robados

Art Department robadosEn un mensaje en el facebook los Art Department han agradecido de forma irónica a la persona que les robó su pendrive mientras estaban pinchando esta pasada noche en Turín. Al parecer esto es algo que también les ha pasado recientemente a Lee Foss o Soul Clap aunque no explican dónde ni cuándo. A continuación te dejamos el texto completo que han colgado hace unas horas:

“big thanks to the person who stole our USB stick out of the booth while we were dj’ing tonight in Torino. still don’t quite understand the logic behind paying to see an artist you enjoy and in the in the same instance, deciding to steal form them. this has happened to close friends such as Lee Foss and Soul Clap to name a few and is nothing but discouraging and embarrassing. Its really unfortunate that these people exist in our scene. thank god for the other 99.9% who inspire us and make this career so gratifying and worthwhile day in and day out… love you guys and everyone who waited for us in Torino tonight! xx”

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