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101 Tips To Drive Traffic Away From Your Blog (Fuente:

Exactly what it says. Not all of them will be applicable to everyone, but all of them will be applicable to someone; and of course, there are exceptions.



1. Pack your site full of Adsense, especially when you’ve just launched
2. Use flashing GIF’s
3. Use a design that everyone else is using
4. Don’t change the header, or any visual aspects of the free theme you’re using
5. Use fonts that are too small
6. Use fonts that are too big
7. Use light text colours on light backgrounds
8. Use dark text colours on dark backgrounds
9. Have a huge header, especially of yourself
10. Make your main content area too wide, so it’s difficult to read
11. Don’t show any difference between normal text and hyperlinked text
12. Leave no margin around your images
13. Use fonts like Comic Sans
14. Fill your sidebar with icons/images
15. Fill your sidebar with blogrolls
16. Make the page width over 1000px
17. Don’t optimize images for the Web
18. Avoid aligning headers, sidebars, graphics or titles, etc
19. Use too many colours
20. Have no ‘design’

21. Don’t offer RSS feeds
22. Don’t have a contact page
23. Have “Site best viewed with…” somewhere in the page. Especially IE6
24. Have too many categories
25. Use a free service for your blog with a free domain e.g.
26. Send out a newsletter everyday
27. Make your url and site name completely unrelated
28. Use a visible site counter, especially when you get very few visitors
29. Use a visible feed counter when you’ve under 50 subscribers
30. Don’t use points or subheadings
31. Use words that are completely obscure, and no one knows
32. Get music to play automatically when people visit
33. Use the Snap Shots plugin
34. Make your site so heavy, dialup users have to wait 30 seconds for each pageload
35. Use lots of Flash
36. Have a splash page
37. Don’t have a search box
38. Design a site usable in one browser only
39. Place so much content on one page, that users can barely click on the scrolling bar
40. Make links open in a new browser window

41. Show no respect towards highly respected bloggers/webmasters/designers
42. Leave rude, negative comments on other people blogs
43. Be a pseudo expert in your niche
44. Don’t try to become an expert in your niche
45. Never trackback to other blogs
46. Email everyone (especially people you don’t really know), to tell them of your latest post
47. Be deliberately controversial
48. Recommend products that you’ve never tried yourself
49. Never leave comments on other blogs
50. Never reply to emails
51. Never take advice
52. Ignore visitor questions
53. Never help another blogger – every man for himself
54. Turn comments off
55. Don’t reply to comments
56. Treat people in a different manner than you would treat them face-to-face
57. Allow commenters to attack other commenters
58. Don’t admit when you’re in the wrong
59. Write about, and name your collegues and boss without their permission
60. Delete comments just because they disagree with you


61. Copy other peoples work
62. Write about your trip to the supermarket
63. Rite lik dis, u no, lik a txt msg
64. Use no punctuation at all which makes your writing hard to follow and people have no idea when to stop or breathe and the sentance loses any meaning because the reader is so annoyed with the writing that they don’t even know what youre writing about
65. Use there, their, they’re and your, you’re in the wrong places
66. Don’t hyperlink when you’ve cited a reference
67. Write reviews that are always negative, pointing out all the faults
68. Use foul language – swear/curse/cuss
69. Update twenty times a day
70. Update sporadically
71. Offer nothing new
72. Copy articles, and ‘tactfully‘ reword them in a way where they lose their effectiveness
74. Never proofread
75. Write boringly, without passion
76. Don’t write in your own voice, copy someone else
77. Write about everything
78. Always write really long posts, and never break them into a series or parts
79. Write only paid-per-post or paid reviews
80. Change blog topics


81. Use popups
82. Require registration in order to leave comments
83. Write for search engines
84. Don’t have an about page
85. Use post titles that tell the reader nothing about the content
86. Blog solely for money
87. Offer partial feeds
88. Don’t use Akismet, or any way of stopping spam
89. Don’t keep up-to-date with the latest news in your niche
90. Focus on traffic and ignore content quality
91. Choose a url with-more-than-one-hyphen
92. Change your url
93. Have a Blogger blog
94. Use an unreliable host
95. Have your content below the fold
96. Have large blocks of text, with no paragraphs or breaks
97. Leave out relevant images or videos that could support your post
98. Email people to ask them to ‘Digg’ your post
99. Have 40 ’socialize’ icons at the bottom of each post
100. Have a contest that requires lots of effort by the participant, with a $10 prize

…and most importantly

101. Don’t have a blog!