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A Richie le tocó borrar el comentario de la foto que subió a Facebook:
“Is this “DJ” pulling records behind him? Is this Berlin 2011 or NYC/Detroit/Chicago 1988? How far we’ve come and how little we’ve progressed! ”

Cientos de fans análogos corrieron a madrearlo por el tono salido….

Hoy se disculpó diciendo:

As I walked down the street in Berlin last night a DJ stepped in front of me pulling his records and it sparked off nostalgic thoughts of the past, present & future.

I never imagined the outpouring of emotions and comments from my post. My apologies to the DJ and anyone who took my comments personally – it categorically wasn’t my intention to suggest vinyl DJs are in any ways ‘lesser’ than digital.

It’s not a dislike for vinyl that drove my comment, only a love of technological innovation & development. Twenty years ago when I first started DJing I found turntables & vinyl extremely exciting and inspiring (as much as any of you now starting for the first time or those who continue this tradition). Respect to everyone who finds happiness and inspiration in doing anything creative or musical. But for me – personally – I enjoy the challenges that I find in new technologies: technologies that continue to challenge my skills & inspire my creativity.

Everyone has their own ideas in their head & each of us have the freedom to use whatever instrument they feel most comfortable with. For me, as everyone already knows, the turntable has been replaced by the computer & other gadgets that I use today. But as I said, that’s just my opinion…
After all, isn’t that why we call it Techno?

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