“Don’t try to be perfect… imperfections and happy accidents can be pivotal to helping define your sound.” – Dubfire @ University of Washington

“As Oscar Wilde once said, ‘be yourself because everyone else is already taken.’” – Chris Liebing @ University of Washington

“If you have a DAW, that’s all you need. Know your software and make it sound like you.” – Richie Hawtin @ Penn State

“Collaborations are an essential part of learning, particularly in the early stages.” – Matador @ Penn State

“If you can’t produce, work with someone who does. As a DJ you have an ear for what works.” – Ean Golden @ Berklee College of Music

“There is a place for people who are just DJs (and don’t produce). However, putting out records is important. So if you can’t or don’t produce in a DAW, work with someone who does and collaborate. As a DJ you have an ear for what works… use it.” – Ean Golden @ Berklee College of Music

“It comes down to how you most enjoy the creative process. Working with presets so you can just play right away, manipulating sounds to the finest detail… find what you like best.” – Ean Golden @ New School University

“If you can’t smile while doing something, maybe you’re doing the wrong thing.” – Chris Liebing @ San Francisco State University

“For younger producers, take time now to immerse yourself in creativity before you have to carve out the time.” – Richie Hawtin @ UCLA

“When I show my friends songs in progress, that’s when they start to feel ‘real’ for me.” – Grimes @ UCLA

“You’ll never know a good gig if you never have a bad gig.” – Chris Liebing @ San Francisco State University

“It takes a lot of courage to create something and put it out there. Don’t discredit that.” – Marc Houle @ University of Toronto



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