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El Barón inglés como le dicen, ha acabado de decir ésto en una entrevista: EDM nunca se fué, el EDM se filtró al techhouse, y el techhouse es EDM light. Aprendieron todo del marketing del EDM y así va la vuelta, y es donde reside el problema. La nueva generación de Djs no parece importarle mucho ser leal al sonido. Todo el mundo le apunta al medio y se mueven para dónde estén los votos, iguales a los políticos.

It’s a different chart now; now it really is based on PR and marketing, and not on skill. And the weird thing is, it’s the same as politicians: everyone is heading for the middle ground, and will move their political belief to where the votes are.

The newer generation of DJs seemingly don’t have so much compunction to stay loyal to a sound. They will move around as much as possible until they get to a point where they’re earning a load of money and doing high profile commercial gigs, and that’s the problem. EDM never went away. EDM filtered down to tech house, and tech house is EDM light. They all learnt from the marketing of EDM and how all that goes, and that’s where the problem lies. If journalism picks up on it and is actually a little bit more constructive over what is happening, like, why is this particular DJ popular, really? What’s going on? How skilled are they? What kind of music is that person playing? It’s a really, really serious situation, but within the industry itself I notice it keeps growing, so obviously people from the industry can take it. I’m not bitter because I’m really enjoying what I’m doing. I really enjoy playing at the majority of places that I play, and it’s a good lifestyle. I don’t want to ever come across as a bitter person, because I’m not. I want to come across as a truthful artist that’s been DJing for over 30 years in this scene, before even this scene really existed, giving an honest overview of where I think we’re at now.

Aunque sin ser tan agrios como el DAVE, en pensamos que es positivo que ahora se escuche menos EDM y Guaracha y se alineen los oídos hace el Techhouse Comercial, cosa que Clarke generaliza, al Techhouse, el Techhouse como en todos los géneros al igual que el Techno. hay mainstream, basicamente elaborado y facilista, y otro más abstractamente pensado y mejor hecho.

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